Easy Caramelized Peach Tarts

Caramelized Peach Tarts with Pecan Crumble Topping

Hello Kosher on a Budget Readers! My name is Miriam, but lots of folks know me as the Overtime Cook.

Why overtime? Well, I work full time, commute 3+ hours a day, and on the side I run a kosher food blog, write a dessert column for a kosher magazine, and do some freelance food photography (just in case you thought I might be getting bored occasionally!).

So, why am I telling you all this? I want to assure you that if anyone knows what it’s like to be busy and have little to no time for playing around in the kitchen, it’s me. I like to serve fancy food (when you’re a food writer, people kinda expect it!) but I don’t like to spend much time on said fancy food.

peach tarts

Usually, I share my quick, easy, family-friendly recipes on OvertimeCook.com, but with Mara busy with her move this summer, I thought I would step in and share a great dessert recipe. It might look and taste like you spent all day on it, but it’s actually fairly simple! Don’t worry, I’ll keep your little secret.

I hope you enjoy this recipe! Please stop by my blog for more of my kitchen creations! -Miriam


  1. Thanks, Miriam. Looks delicious! Your recipes are consistently original, easy and always fabulous! I’m a big fan!

  2. Thanks, Miriam. What a lovely and easy looking recipe. Is there a particular puff pastry you like? I’ve had mixed results and never remember which brand I prefer… Thanks!


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