EcoBumz Cloth Diapers for Just $12 each, normally $28

Update: Thanks to another awesomely resourceful reader, Bryan, I just learned that you can actually get “seconds” of EcoBumz directly from their website. Apparently the only thing that makes them seconds is that the tag was sewn on backwards!

Thanks to one of my readers, Liat, for pointing out the Baby Half Off (yup, another deal-a-day-site) is selling organic bamboo EcoBumz All-in-Two diapers for $12, normally $28, each.

I haven’t used EcoBumz before, but here’s what it says about them:

The super lux bamboo velour that our fans have come to know and love covers a unique raw organic cotton soaker that is sewn into the diaper yet remains nice and trim, while the outide of the dipe is trusty a waterproof, yet breathable medical grade PUL made from our special recycled Polyester knit and matte finish Polyurethane laminate coating. A reliable favorate of moms, dads and child care providers, the AI2 is very easy to care for and virtually indestructible!

Shipping is not included and starts from $3.24.

If you are thinking about trying out cloth diapers, this may be a highly affordable way to get started!

Have you used EcoBumz? Care to share your review? Leave a comment or shoot me an email.

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