El Al Matmid Frequent Flyer Program – Enroll for FREE

For a limited time, you can get a FREE membership in El Al’s frequent flyer Matmid program when you like them on Facebook.

Usually there is a $25 fee to join this program, which never expires.

In addition to earning free tickets and/or upgrades, Matmid membership also entitles you to preferred pre-flight seat selection. On a 12+ hour flight, the “right” seats can be golden.


  1. Nechama Hackner says

    I have tried to sign up.
    a) it says that campaign code is not valid.
    b) i can’t type in hebrew.
    i’d love to join – how do I go about it?

    • A couple of people are having trouble with the coupon code. Since I just saw this on their Facebook page, I don’t really have any “insider” information. My advice is that you post on the El Al page and let them know you are having issues with their offer.

      • I’ve left them a message on their Facebook page and will post on their Twitter shortly – now let’s see if social media works. 🙂 Will keep y’all informed.

  2. It’s telling me the code isn’t valid. Will monitor it for a bit to see if it’s still valid later today…

  3. I used a link from another site and it seems to have worked: https://app.elal.co.il/clubs/registration/RegisterFlyer.aspx?lang=en&V_code=MLK94610938

  4. They finally responded – they say the original link is fixed now.

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