Empire Chicken, Coronavirus, and the Art of the Pivot

I share this news update cautiously, because I don’t want it to add to anyone’s feeling of anxiety or scarcity.

That said, I just read on Twitter that Empire Kosher has closed its processing facility effective immediately for at least two weeks, after two employees tested positive for the coronavirus.

I applaud their vigilance, but I also know that this news might be worrying for some of you who haven’t yet shopped for chicken for yomtov.

With Pesach in just 6 days, we’re all doing our best to make Pesach for our immediate family, while staying at home — and trying to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Given the Empire news — and just the general sense that everything is beyond our control — I wanted to encourage you to first take a deep breath first.

And then to embrace the pivot.

If chicken isn’t going to be possible, what about trying some new vegetarian recipes?

Remember this list with 25 Vegetarian Passover Recipes? Or you could make a simple sweet and sour meatballs (equal parts duck sauce and tomato sauce)? Or a delicious brisket?

I know how much my children (and husband) look forward to our year-in-year-out traditional foods, but I think everyone will be understanding this year if we need to PIVOT.

For example, those of you who live in Israel know that here, we are dealing with a shortage of eggs. It was a bit overwhelming at first for me to think about how to pivot away from EGGS.

But then I realized: My kids’ favorite Pesach dessert is lemon-strawberry sorbet anyway. No eggs required. (More sorbet and matzah crack for all!)

So let’s help each other out — if you’re worried about being able to get access to a specific type of food (or other item), let us know in the comments, so we can help you (and anyone else in the same boat) to brainstorm some pivot ideas!

Please G-d, let these kind of pivots be our biggest concerns.

For those who are actively fighting this disease, my heart is with you. May you have a full and speedy recovery.

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