Every Picture Tells a Story | New Parasha Book for Children + Exclusive 25% Off Sale for KOAB Readers

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If your family is anything like mine, you have a bookshelf (or three) filled with kids books. And special among those shelves are the ones dedicated to our Judaica books.

Prominent on that shelf at our house is a great new series, Every Picture Tells a Story by Chaim Natan Firszt, published by Menorah Books.

Both a hard-cover parasha book and an accompanying soft-cover coloring book, Every Picture Tells a Story is an illustrated weekly parasha reader for children.

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Vividly hand-illustrated with colorful portrayals of Torah personalities and events, the Every Picture Tells a Story series brings the weekly Parsha to life with illustrations, Torah verses, and descriptive commentary based on Midrash and other sources. These high-quality hardcover books are fully bi-lingual in Hebrew and English. Volume One: Bereishis (Genesis) contains illustrations of the weekly Torah readings from beginning of Creation through to the end of Ya’akov’s days. Appealing to readers of all ages, it is akin to a Chumash for young readers, designed to teach the weekly Torah readings to children.

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The companion coloring books are black and white lined illustrations from the book. They are absolutely beautiful, but I’m not totally convinced that they will work for our family as a coloring book. There are two reasons for my hesitation: First, I’m not sure if the intricacy will work for younger children (those in the “coloring book” phase of life) — but at the same time, the notion of a coloring book is somewhat “past” those with the skills to adeptly handle the detail in these illustrations. My second concern is that the images are printed back to back, so there might be bleed through if you’re using markers (which for some reason, is the only implement my children wish to use).

That said if you have a slightly older child (school-age) who is very interested in art, I can see them loving this book. And especially if they like working with colored pencils!

For a more in-depth review of Every Picture Tells a Story, please check out Tzivia’s excellent write-up at her homeschool blog, MamaLand. If you’re interested in using the series in a homeschooling or after-schooling context, her review should be very helpful.

To purchase your own set of the Every Picture Tells a Story, head over to Menorah Books between now and November 5th when every KOAB reader can enjoy a 25% discount off the list price, plus free shipping over $40. Just use the coupon code “KOAB” at checkout.

Hardcover editions will cost $21.71 instead of $28.95 with this code and the coloring books will cost $7.46 instead of $9.95.

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Every Picture Tells a Story, Bereishit – $21.71 with code KOAB

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Every Picture Tells a Story, Shmot – $21.71 with code KOAB

Bereishit Coloring Book – $7.46 with code KOAB

Shmot Coloring Book – $7.46 with code KOAB

And good news — the coupon code is valid site-wide, so be sure to check out their other titles as well.


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    Hi, I live in Ra’anana, Israel.
    I cannot purchase through the site, i get an error.
    Where can i purchase the set in israel or online?
    Thank you

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