Eye Masters – Two Pairs of Glasses for $79

It’s back! And better than before.

Get TWO pairs of glasses, including no-line bifocals, for just $79 right now from Eye Masters. That’s $79 for BOTH pairs, not each! Just print this coupon and take it in with you to your local Eye Masters.

You can get the two pairs for the same person – or for two different people.

We took advantage of this offer (when it was $89 for two pair – still a huge deal!) back in November for my eight year old’s first pair(s) of glasses.

Not only was their selection outstanding, but their service has been top-notch, too.

Kids can be very hard on their glasses, we’ve learned over the last few months. We’ve gone back to Eye Masters at least five times since November – once with a broken side piece, and multiple times for adjustments (like when he’d bent them so much that they couldn’t even come close to sitting flat on a table).

Each time, they took care of us for free – including replacing the whole side piece. And that’s WITHOUT insurance!

Go print your $79 Eye Masters coupon and save some serious money on your next two pairs of frames.

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