Father’s Day Photo Book Deal – $35 for Classic Book, Up to 100 Pages

photobook deal

My Publisher is running an awesome deal on their photobooks for Father’s Day, but you’ll have to act fast to take advantage of it, since this coupon code ends today.

Get a classic hardcover book with up to 100 pages (!!) for only $35 when you use the promo code DADPAGES at checkout. That’s a savings of $80!

The free photo books are great, but when you have a lot of pictures, they don’t help much, since the per page rate over 20 pages is usually steep.

I’ve been working furiously on a photo book to commemorate my oldest son’s first decade (I can’t believe he’s about to turn 10!) and this coupon code will seriously save me a small fortune.



  1. i ordered a photobook w your coupon code and it came out a total of $40.98 including the shipping..did u also pay 10.99 shipping?

  2. actually lol it was 44.62 after taxes were added..

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