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I’m fortunate to have readers from all over the United States, Canada, Israel – and beyond! Even though I live in Kansas and you might never have been east of Philly, we can all relate to the challenge of keeping kosher – and living a “rich” Jewish life – on a budget.

That commonality is why I focus on tips and deals that have as broad an appeal as possible. Yeah, every now and again, I’ll note a great sale at a Kansas City store or an awesome deal-a-day site discount in New York.

But most of the time, I’m sharing the national stuff: Matchups at CVS, Walgreens, Target, Whole Foods… and of course online deals.

But what about match-ups for your local grocery store?

If you’re not already, you should be applying the same coupon strategies that you use at Target to help you save money at your local grocery stores.

But how will you know what products are on sale & which products will have a coupon to stack with the sale?

Well, you could sit down with the circulars every week and open up my coupon database to do your own coupon match-ups. Nothing wrong with that – other than it will take you a while.

Fortunately, most of you won’t have to bother with that. Because odds are, there are deal bloggers in your state that are doing all that work for you!

Just like I bring you CVS, Target and Whole Foods deals, there are bloggers doing match-ups for your local grocery stores, too!

I know a lot of you have already found those bloggers in your communities and are happily enjoying all sorts of savings, thanks to them. But I wanted to go ahead and share today some of my favorite bloggers that are doing local deal match-ups in places where many of my readers live.

This list is far from exhaustive, and I invite you to chime in in the comments section with the local bloggers that you follow, too.

New Jersey: Living Rich with Coupons

Cindy is a deal-seeking pro! She’s been doing this for a long time and she has a HUGE readership. If you shop at A&P, Pathmark, ShopRite or Stop & Shop, you will save so much money by following her blog.

Florida: Frugal, Fun & Fortune

Meg is such a sweetheart. When I first started blogging, Meg was so warm to me – and that warmth clearly extends to her readers, too. She is totally transparent and genuine. I know you’ll love her as much as I do! Meg lives in Florida, and is your go-to source for all the deals at Winn Dixie, Publix, and Food Lion. Meg and her husband are vegetarians – so when she shares her weekly menu and recipes, us kosher-keepers can take advantage of the ideas, too!

Georgia: Coupon Fairies

If you live in the Atlanta area, you probably already know about Coupon Fairies. But if not, it’s a must-read. Written by two Orthodox women, Coupon Fairies shares all the best kosher deals at Publix, Kroger and beyond. If you want some real-time instruction in maximizing your savings, Becky and Caroline also offer popular coupon workshops in the Atlanta area.

Chicago / Illinois: Couponing For 4

I am so glad I found Alli via the wonderful world of Twitter. She is so real and down to earth … I bet being born and raised in Chicago has something to do with that! (Us Midwesterners are nothing if not down to earth.) Alli has all the best match-ups at the big Chicago-area grocery store chains, including Jewel, Dominick’s and Butera.

Kansas City: Kansas City Mamas

Last but not least is one of my favorite bloggers of all time, Kelly from Kansas City Mamas. I happily stumbled upon Kelly’s blog about a month after she went live and have been a loyal reader ever since. If you live in the KC-area, you MUST subscribe to Kansas City Mamas for all the best deals at Hen House, Price Chopper, and HyVee. Kelly is funny, kind and totally genuine – but most important, she’s got the inside scoop on all the hottest deals in OP.!

As I said – this list is just scratching the surface. Do you have a favorite deal blogger that you follow in your state? Please leave a comment with your location and the blog’s URL.

Note that with the exception of Coupon Fairies, these aren’t “kosher” blogs. You will definitely find many non-kosher deals and match-ups on their blogs. But I trust you can filter out that which doesn’t apply to you ;-).


  1. One important reason to follow at least 1-2 local bloggers: sometimes, the drug store deals have regional variances, so you’ll want to know if that one great deal is available in your area BEFORE you assemble your coupons, go to the store, and find that it’s NOT. (Yes, I speak from past experience.)

    In Chicago, I also like She does one huge blog post with all the weekly deals together and then post other deal-saving information throughout the week.

  2. are there any local ohio bloggers??

  3. Does anyone know any in the Detroit area?

  4. My friend got me hooked on Living Rich with Coupons, and ever since i check her blog pretty much whenever i do grocery shopping, especially ShopRite and Wegmans. I find her updates really useful and she seems to know every catalina deal before it starts and i have been able to get some good deals thanks to her!

  5. Orthonomics says

    Thank you!

  6. Anyone from Baltimore,MD?

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