Food Should Taste Good: GIVEAWAY & Review!

The name of this company says it all, doesn’t it? Food Should Taste Good. Being health-conscious shouldn’t come at the expense of taste and flavor.

If you’re not familiar with Food Should Taste Good, they are all natural tortilla chips made from real, simple ingredients. All of their chip varieties are cholesterol-, preservative- and trans fat-free, and do not use genetically modified ingredients (GMOs).  They are certified Kosher (O-U) and Gluten Free, and they come in TEN different flavors: Multigrain, Sweet Potato, Olive, Jalapeño, The Works!, Chocolate, Lime, Yellow Corn, Blue Corn and Cheddar.

Food Should Taste Good sent me five full-size bags of all natural tortilla chips for my review. I figured there could be no truer review than a family taste test, so I popped open all five bags and served them up for dinner on Sunday night with an assortment of dips. (Yes, I deviated from the menu plan!)

Lime has a lovely, tangy flavor – perfect with our picante salsa. The blue corn chip is earthy and crunchy – most like a traditional tortilla chip, in my opinion. The sweet potato is the most mild of the flavors – and delightfully shaped like the oblong vegetable its made from!

We also tasted The Works!, which reminded me an awful lot of rye bread – a good thing if you like rye bread (I do). It probably would have been better served with cheese or perhaps a smoked fish salad… not as well-suited to salsa and guac.

My husband and I liked all the flavors we tried, and I appreciated that these healthy tortilla chips actually do taste good — just as they should. My picky five-year old liked the sweet potato best, but my more adventuresome seven year-old said, “They’re all an A+, ima! Say that on your blog.”

Would you like to try out Food Should Taste Good for FREE? Food Should Taste Good will send one KOAB reader their own big box stuffed with five full-size bags of all natural tortilla chips in their choice of flavors.

If you’d like to win five full-size bags of Food Should Taste Good chips, leave a comment below telling me what your favorite healthy snack is.

Entries will close on Sunday night, February 6, and I will announce the winner Monday morning, Feb. 7. If you can’t wait until then, you can download a $1 off Food Should Taste Good coupon and buy your own bag for Superbowl Sunday!

Disclosure: While Food Should Taste Good generously sent our family five full-size bags of tortilla chips, I was not compensated in any way to write this post nor to share my positive opinions. Those are all my own!


  1. My family is ADDICTED to the Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips. In particular, eating them with the Costco brand organic salsa. Mmmm…. Other than that, a favorite is pistachios (surprise surprise, we purchase those at Costco, too!).

  2. My favorite snack is Chips & Salsa! Salsa is 0 points on Weight Watchers and a serving of tortilla chips is *just* enough!

  3. I like to snack on raisins.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. shala_darkstone says

    Hi, my favorite healthy snack is a banana.

  5. baby carrots and homemade chummus (best recipe ever).

  6. I love to snack on some good cheese or a good smoothie.

  7. I like almonds in a variety of ways. Home made cinnamon almonds, dry roasted, cocoa almonds (sugar free).

  8. We buy Larabars. They are gluten free and fit nicely in the car so if we are out and the kids are breaking down we have a nice healthy snack.

  9. My favorite healthy snack is fruit. Bananas, oranges, peaches, plums, berries.. you name it, I’m there!

  10. We LOVE these chips. Another snack that I was surprised (but thrilled) to find is kosher is Pirate Booty. Not sure if that qualifies as healthy, so I will also admit to loving green grapes. I keep meaning to try them frozen. And my daughter has discovered edamame, although I don’t care for that. Please enter me in the giveaway! Thanks!

  11. I like granny smith apples with peanut butter or baby carrots with hummus. My husband likes sliced red peppers or clementines. If I want something more substantial, I’ll have a yogurt, Triscuits with sliced mozzarella cheese, or Walmart’s nut blend of soynuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds and craizins.

  12. We’ve become addicted to homemade granola bars. I can’t seem to make them fast enough.

  13. My favorite healthy snack is homemade granola with Brown Cow Yogurt. Yummy! In a pinch, the granola is good plain, with milk or any ole yogurt I have in the fridge with a little sweetener, honey or agave on top. If I have berries to add to the mix, how much the better. My granola I make with dried cherries, raisins, pumpkin and sesame seeds, honey peanut butter and whatever else suits my fancy!

  14. Applesauce. I peel apples and throw in any other fruit I can find, in a pot with a drop of water, and cook until very soft.

  15. I love blackberries and yogurt. I would eat a lot more blackberries if they weren’t so expensive!

  16. B”H My Healthy favorite snack is dates, almods and cinnamon ground together and frozen

  17. A big navel orange. Yum!

  18. i love celery and peanut butter with raisins or dates

  19. making hummus is my favorite snack since its both thrifty and healthy

  20. My favorite healthy snack is clementines (especially since they are in season right now, and I have been eating them nonstop!!)

  21. Judith from Ottawa says

    Not sure if my previous comment made it into the contest. Would really like to have healthy snacks!

  22. My favorite healthy snack is apple slices