(For My Israel Readers!) Ben & Jerry’s Birthday Tour – GET FREE ICE CREAM!

Hey all!

If you are in Israel this summer, and you love ice cream (duh!), I’ve got some fun news for you!

Ben & Jerry’s is celebrating their 40th birthday with a FREE Tasting Tour Across Israel. Catch the first stop tomorrow (6/19) at Park Menachem Begin in Tel Aviv from 5-6:30.

The other dates are:

  • June 27 from 5-6 pm at ‘Space Park’ (Gan HaChallal) on Rechov Binyamin
  • June 28 from 5-6:30 pm at Rabinowitz Park (the Mifletzet Park) in Kiryat Yovel (Jerusalem)
  • July 2 from 5:30 – 7 pm in Beer Sheva

Get all the details over HERE.

Will I see you in Modiin??? Maybe we should have a KOAB Meet-Up! 🙂

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