FREE 10-Day E-Course on Personal Finance

The personal finance website LearnVest has a great offer right now: Sign up for a FREE 10-day ecourse to learn how to better manage your money.

They’re calling it a Boot Camp, so you know it’s serious!

The 10-day email program gives you daily to-dos to achieve your financial goals. Learn how to:

  • Discover where you’re really spending
  • Create a budget that you can actually stick to
  • Dream big and set financial goals you can achieve

Of course, these are all things we talk about on KOAB, but I know that sometimes it helps to hear these things from a different perspective or in a different voice.

Sign up for LearnVest’s FREE 10-Day Personal Finance Boot Camp HERE.

(P.S. You don’t need to link your accounts or upgrade to the “premium service” to get the free bootcamp. I just skipped those and I’m still signed up.)

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  1. I did their bootcamp and found it very unhelpful. The tips were geared to people who were more well-off than me (and most of the people I know!) and who had never thought about saving or budgeting before.

  2. could there be a problem with the link- i don’t see a place to sign up

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