Free $2 Target Gift Card from Shopkick

Woohoo! Free money to spend at Target!

Right now, you can earn a quick and easy $2 gift card to Target from Shopkick.

Here’s how to get your $2 gift card from Shopkick.

  • Sign up for the Shopkick app if you haven’t yet
  • Go to this link  and select “I have the Shopkick app” and enter your mobile phone number
  • Your pre-authorized gift card will show up in the ‘My Stuff’ section of the Shopkick app, along with instructions to sign in to Shopkick the next time you go to Target
  • The giftcard is valid for 29 days from when you claim it

For those that are new around here, Shopkick a FREE Android and iPhone app that gives you access to exclusive coupons and deals at stores like Best Buy, Target, Macy’s, Old Navy & Toys ‘R Us. Shopkick also rewards you with points (known as “kicks”) just for walking into participating stores. Then – here’s the fun part! – you get to turn these points into free gift cards. A $10 gift card at Target, for example, “costs” 2,500 points. I know that sounds like a lot, but the kicks add up quickly for essentially doing nothing.


  1. Thanks! I’ve been using shopkick for a while and I love it. I also love target!

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