Free 8×8 Photobook from Shutterfly (just pay shipping)

Shutterfly is offering another free 8×8 Photo Book with up to 25 pages.

Just use the coupon code SUMMERBOOK at checkout. You will still have to pay for shipping & handling, which is around $8.

Expires September 12, 2012.


  1. Faigie Walter says

    Woo hoo thanks! The thing with these coupons is that they expire so quickly and I never have time to create my whole book! So what I’ve started doing is every time I go on vacation, have a birthday party, etc. I create my book and then I just store it in my account until I get a coupon! Then all I have to do is check out!

  2. Are you sure that you can make a 25 page photo book for free? Usually for these offers, the books are 20 or 21 pages.

  3. so i just ordered one with 25 pages and the total was $14.14 – hardcover, 8×8

    • Hmmmm, I think I may have gotten my information wrong – it was probably 20 pages free, so it sounds like you were charged for teh 5 additional pages. I’m sorry, Arielle!

  4. Thanks! I had just ordered one of beach photos with a code they sent me so all I had to do was order the same book and I can give this one to my parents. Now I just need one more code and my sister can have a copy too 🙂

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