Free App Friday | 21 iTunes Apps for FREE, Including Bugs & Buttons

Bugs & Buttons 2

It’s Free App Friday and there are 21 free iTunes kids’ apps available, including the amazing, five-star Bugs and Buttons App 2.

My dear friend Judy, who runs one of the best preschools in Kansas City, turned us on to the original Bugs & Buttons! It’s fantastic for preschoolers and I’m thrilled you can get the new version  today for FREE.

In addition, there are two  Strawberry Shortcake apps, plus apps for shapes, colors, puzzles, memory match, teddy bear dress-up, and math!

Grab them now, because they’re gone at 10 pm CST tonight.


  1. These are for Apple devices. Do you know any similar free app promotions for Android?

    • Not regularly, for these Free App Fridays – at least not that I have found. Please let me know if you find anything.

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