Free Backpacks Next Week at Office Max & Staples

Gotta run and light candles, but wanted to let you know about this hot deal coming up next week: Free backpacks at Office Max. I love free office supplies, but a few packages of free pens hardly compares to a whole free backpack! (Limit 2 per household.)

Office Max will have backpacks free after Max Perks rewards, starting Sunday the 25th. Then, you can save those rewards for their free Duracell battery deal, which will inevitably roll around again soon. (Max Perks rewards are like ECBs, but you won’t roll them quite as frequently.)

Shabbat Shalom!

P.S. Updated Saturday night: I just got my Staples ad preview and it looks like you can also pick up a free backpack at Staples. Limit 1 per household. Cool beans!

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