Free iPhone 8GB 3Gs Tomorrow Only at Best Buy


It’s being reported all over the web (BGR was the first to break the story) that Best Buy will be offering a free iPhone 8GB 3Gs when you buy a two-year service contract with AT&T. The deal will reportedly by valid only tomorrow, Friday, December 10.

New lines, additional lines and qualified upgrades are eligible (reportedly).

Apple regularly sells the iPhone for $99 with the contract. Radio Shack got into the fray earlier this year, with a $49.99 deal. If this turns out to be true, the Best Buy deal will obviously trump these offers. The deal is reportedly an instant rebate – so no cash out of pocket for you!

You know how I say it’s not a bargain if you can’t afford it? But at the same time how you should buy when it’s on sale if it’s something you plan to buy anyway, so that you never have to pay retail.

Um, yeah. My husband and I were literally discussing this morning that perhaps we should upgrade one of our phones to have a data plan. (Currently, we’re so frugal and low-tech we don’t even have text messaging enabled!) My rationale was that it’s important to, you know, keep up with the blog when I’m away from home.

Time to call AT&T and find out how much their data package is. Decisions, decisions.


  1. Get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Let us know what you decide! I just looked at the website and in order to really take full advantage of an iphone – the plan rates start to creep up.

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