Money-Saving Tips from KOAB Readers | Free Kids’ Birthday Parties at Home Depot

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Sometimes I learn the greatest money saving tips from my KOAB readers. Checkout this one that Nechama Edelson sent to me:

You can call your local Home Depot and book a FREE kids’ birthday party. They do the kids workshop and the kids get all of the workshop goodies. All you have to pay for is the cake that you bring in yourself.

I never do out of the house/park birthday parties, but this was too good to miss. My local store was fine with a Sunday party, too.

How fun! I’ve heard really great things about the Home Depot Kids’ Workshops, so this is an awesome idea. Let us know if your Home Depot offers the same thing!

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  1. you know, I was always wondering if Home Depot would go for that. Our local Home Depot does their kids workshops on sundays, in consideration of the large Jewish community it serves.

  2. My 6 year old went to a Home Depot party earlier this year, I had no idea they even had parties, I also didn’t realize they were free. She built a bird house and had a lot of fun.

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