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Disclosure StatementFree Family Portrait Photography Class

WOW! If you’ve been wanting to improve your photography skills, but don’t have the money right now to spend on a full-length class, here’s an offer you have to check out!

Craftsy, the online crafting “university”, is offering a FREE online Photography Mini-Class in How to Take Professional-Looking Family Portraits. There are five different video lessons, each of which you can watch at home, at your leisure.

I recommend signing up for the class now, as Craftsy’s free offerings are always changing. Once you sign up, you own the class and can watch it whenever you want, as often as you want.

I love learning through online video tutorials like these, because I can go as slow as I need to — watching (and re-watching, and pausing, and rewinding) at just the right pace for me to get in there with my camera and try out all the new tips in “real time”.

This class is all about learning to take better “portraits” — which to me means better pictures of my kids to send to their grandparents!

Here’s a look at the lessons included in this FREE photography mini-class:

Lesson 1. Welcome to Your Free Mini-Class!

Lesson 2. Introduction & In-Home Photo Shoot – 35:29

Lesson 3. Ambient Light, Garage-Style – 21:55

Lesson 4. Locations for Group Photos – 10:21

Lesson 5. Processing Basics in Lightroom & Photoshop – 28:49

By the way, I’ve mentioned before my love for the Shoot Fly Shoot classes. Although they’re not free, if you’re wanting to get off “auto” on your DSLR, this class did wonders for me! I’m no pro, but I can confidently shoot today without ever using the dreaded “M”. Shoot Fly Shoot will be having a big Cyber Monday sale, so stay tuned for that as well!

And you can check out all of Craftsy’s FREE online classes HERE. They offer everything from making cake pops, working with fondant and pizza baking to quilting, pencil drawing and wood working.


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