Free Rayovac Batteries at Target

Are you wondering what free batteries have to do with keeping kosher? Well, remember what I said in my CVS deals & steals post? The idea is to squeeze as many pennies as you can out of the rest of your household and grocery budget in order to free up money for the more costly items. Free batteries are a perfect example of this.

We’re going on a road trip in a few weeks and I’m expecting my seven year old to go through oodles of batteries playing with his new Leapster Explorer. While we normally use rechargeable batteries, they aren’t very practical on the road.

So, I’m going to print as many copies of this $1/1 Rayovac battery as I can manage (each computer has a two print maximum, so I’ll use mine, my husband’s and maybe the grandparent’s computer, too!). Then I’ll head on over to Target’s dollar spot, where they have four-packs of AA Rayovac batteries. $1 batteries – $1 coupon = FREE batteries!

Thanks, Pirates of the Supermarket.


  1. Dana Horesh says

    Thanks for this lead. We are always needing batteries. The children have learned to rummaged from one toy to go into another toy. I just wanted to add one idea. If you do use rechargeable batteries, you can buy a converter for your car. We got one last summer (I think at CVS for ~$30) and used it to charge our laptop, digital camera, and all the other gadgets we drag along. The converter plugs into cigarette lighter and has several standard three-prong plugs. When we do our annual summer jaunt, we go from relative to relative spending usually one night at each location (two nights is a luxury). Dragging all the power cords into a house is a sure way for forgetting them along the way. We use the time in the car to recharge everything.

  2. If you have multiple browsers installed on your machine (Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc.), you can print two coupons from each one, rather than needing to go to different machines.

    Another option is to set Adobe Acrobat as your default printer. When the application prints, it will create a PDF on your desktop and you can print off as many as you need.

    • @ David – Unless it’s a pdf coupon, I don’t think you save to your desk top. But for pdf’s, yup, you can do unlimited copies!

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