Free Sample Gevalia K-Cups

Get a FREE sample of Gevalia K-Cups. You will need to like their Facebook page and then select what type of brewer system you have.

Your sample should arrive in 4-6 weeks.

(I can’t see a hechsher on the picture of the k-Cups, so be sure to check yours when it arrives. Most Gevalia coffee is hechshered.)


  1. There is no hechsher on the samples that come. and it takes long to come

  2. Rachel L says

    I received mine yesterday and there was no hechsher. I went to the store last night and looked on the packages there to see if they were kosher, but there was no hechsher on them either. I looked on the Gevalia website to see if they had anything. Ended up at this one: and they list the hechsher quite prominently on the 8 o’clock brand, but not at all on the Gevalia. 🙁

    • Mara Strom says

      Yup – we got it yesterday as well and didn’t see a hechsher. I guess they decided not to have their k-cups certified for some reason 🙁 Sorry folks!

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