FREE Sample of Garnier Fructis Fall Fight Shampoo

Get a FREE sample of Garnier Fructis Fall Fight shampoo and conditioner, courtesy of Target.

And while you’re there, that Bare Naked Granola sample, which was giving us all fits last month, now seems to be working.

I was able to sign up for both and can’t wait to get them in 8-10 weeks!

Wondering why I love free samples? Check out this post on small ways to save big.


  1. Thanks, Mara.

  2. Appreciate the heads up, as always.

    As an FYI, the Fructis survey isn’t really set up very well; the first question asks for age but then repeats the same range twice, omitting the one that actually matches me; then a subsequent question requires a YES or NO response – if you choose NO, then none of the options in the following question apply, but if you don’t select something you can’t continue… meaning the only way to obtain the sample is to give false answers OR not complete the survey and forfeit the opportunity….

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