Free Shipping to Israel from Amazon | How It Works

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Great news for all my Israel readers! Amazon has reinstated its FREE shipping to Israel offer when you purchase $49+ worth of qualified items.

This policy first went into effect in November 2019 to great fanfare, with Israelis scoring thousands of products for less than they would pay in local stores — everything from clothing and personal care items to school supplies and even toilet paper.

However, free shipping came to an abrupt end in March 2020 with the coronavirus pandemic.

In October, 2021, Amazon re-introduced its free shipping offer, but with a higher minimum purchase required ($65). This, combined with laggy shipping times and limited included products, made it a rather lackluster offer.

But by the summer of 2022, Amazon has dropped the free shipping threshold back to $49 and shipping times were within two weeks, and often as quick as just a few days — matching the pre-pandemic levels.

How do you get free shipping to Israel from Amazon

Step 1: Set your delivery address to Israel. You can either do this at the top left of the website, or under Account > Your Addresses.

Step 2: Look for items that say “FREE Shipping to Israel when you spend $49” next to the price of the item

Step 3: Confirm at checkout that your order has qualified for FREE shipping. If it does not, double check that each of your items was eligible and that you have $49+ in your cart.

In addition to the above, there are a few basic ground rules that you need to know in order to take full advantage of Amazon’s free shipping to Israel offer.

1. Aim for a minimum order of at least $49. If the products in your cart are valued at less than $49 (after coupons and additional promotional savings apply), you will still have to pay for shipping. Aim to spend at least $49 in every order placed to score the free shipping.

2. Keep your order under $75 in order to bypass the 17% VAT charge. If your order is valued at more than $75 (yes, even $75.01), you will be charged customs. Amazon will add this amount on to your order automatically at checkout, so there shouldn’t be any surprise charges when you order arrives in country. The Amazon free shipping sweet spot is between $49 and $74.99.

3. Space out your orders. If you place an order of $74.99 on a Monday, and a second order of $55 on a Tuesday, both orders may arrive at the port at the same time. If this happens, the tax authorities have the discretion to charge you customs tax retroactively on the total value of your order (ie. $74.99 + $55).

If you have any questions about Amazon’s free shipping to Israel, just leave a comment here and I’ll help if I can!


  1. Renee Gross says

    Do have to change your address in your Amazon account every time you want to ship something to Israel?

    • Yes, but once you have both addresses (US and Israel) added to your account, you can easily switch by toggling between them on the top left of the site where it says “Deliver to…”. HTH!

      By the way, if you’re in your Israel address and you try to add something to your cart that doesn’t deliver to Israel, it may show that it’s not available. Once you change to deliver to your US address, this should resolve after you refresh the page.

  2. Is there free Returns to Amazon from israel?

    • Mara Strom says

      Generally speaking, yes. But it depends on the item. Check that it says “Free Returns” next to the price. You can actually set a pick-up with DHL, which is super convenient.

  3. Do you have a whatsapp group for good deals on Amazon to be shipped to Israel?

  4. Amazon is asking for what I assume is your citizens address number, if I’m a foreign student what do I do?

  5. How do I create an address in my amazon account for shipping to Israel without specifying the zip code? it is forcing me to input a US zip code even after I selected Israel as the country.

  6. how can a view all eligable items for free shipping to israel

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