FREE Snausages Dog Treats at Family Dollar (or Price Match at Walmart)

Update: Please see Susie’s comment below re. Snausages being basar v’chalav. I was not aware this when I posted. My apologies!Family Dollar has Snausages (gosh, that word is hard to spell) on sale this week for $1 per bag. There’s a $1 off coupon on Coupon Network that will make them free!

Snausage Dog Treats – $1
Use $1/1 Snausages Printable Coupon (I found the coupon on the second page)
= FREE after coupon and sale!

If you’d rather not make a special trip to Family Dollar, you can always price match these at Walmart – that’s what I plan to do.

Here’s more on price matching at Walmart if you’re new to that.

Thanks, We Use Coupons.


  1. If you keep kosher or are observant, you can’t give Snausages to your dog. Snausage contain bassar v’chalav (meat and milk), which is an issur d’oraisa (forbidden from the Torah), even for your pets. Sorry.

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