FREE Two-Year Subscription to Lego Magazine

My boys love this magazine. The pour over it for days, dissecting all the builds and trying to figure out how they can do that. Then they get distracted by their baseball cards.

Go here to sign up for a FREE two-year subscription to Lego Magazine.

I bet your kids will love it, too. At least until they remember about their baseball cards.

Thanks, Surviving the Stores.


  1. Thanks, Mara! Living 6,000 miles away from my siblings, I’m always looking for ways to stay connected. With their school schedules and extracurriculars, it’s definitely not easy.

    Just signed my youngest brother up for this offer. Can’t wait to hear his reaction when it delivers!

  2. My understanding is that if you join the lego club (free) you automatically get the magazines. My boys have been members for almost 3 years and get monthly magazines which I haven’t paid a penny for. The type of magazine you get is based on age. Under 7 years old receive the Jr version.

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