Get 2 Months of FREE Unlimited Coffee & Cold Beverages at Panera

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Free Drinks at Panera From Now Until July 4th!

When we lived in the States and I needed a change of scenery in my work day, I’d go sit at Panera Bread, order a fountain drink, and work in one of their corner booths, nursing my free refills.

(I even did a few homeschool days with my kiddos this way …. gosh, that was a while ago!)

You can score two months of all the free drinks you want at Panera when you sign up for their Panera Bread UNLIMITED Sip Club.

With this offer, you can get limitless hot and cold beverages (they even have a new ice tea and lemonade menu, but I’m not sure that these are kosher – can anyone let me know if they are!).

If you’re planning to sit for a while, you can get free refills on your original drink — or you can switch up your beverage (the club allows for a new drink every two hours!).

If you’re in a rush and don’t want to sit, just use the Panera app to order your drink and it will be waiting for you in the pickup area. Or you can even opt for curbisde pickup.

Please note: By grabbing this free offer, you are opting into a monthly recurring club, which means your free two moths, you will be billed at $11.99 per month. You can of course cancel at anytime.


Disclaimer: I’m not a rav, so obviously whether you drink coffee or soda at a non-kosher restaurant is not a halachic question for me, but rather for your rav. Here’s an article from the Star-K that looks at how to avoid any treif issues.

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