Friendly Reminder: Always Check for Coupons!

This is just a friendly reminder that there are coupons and coupon codes out there for just about everything. And most of them can be found with less than 60 seconds of searching – so it definitely “pays” to look.

Here are just two examples from my week:

The Parking Spot (Kansas City airport) – I had a quick trip to St. Louis this week to teach a couponing class. Since I was parking my car overnight at the airport, I quickly googled (swagbucked actually) for a coupon for The Parking Spot. Yup, came right up – Save 10%. (And, not only did I save 10% (about $1.25), but when my battery was dead in the parking lot, the amazingly kind attendant jumped my car and got me on my way. Talk about service!)

FedEx Printing – I needed to print up some Kosher on a Budget Media Kits for my upcoming to KosherFest. I decided to go with FedEx Printing, since they have the paper weight I wanted. Before checking out, I quickly Googled for a coupon code – and in less than 30 seconds, found one that saved me 20% (about $4.50)

The code, by the way, was GAN222.

My best advice is to simply Google what you want + the word coupon (or coupon code), but you can also search Retail Me Not, which has an exhaustive database of online coupon codes.

Have you ever found a surprising coupon, like the one for the Parking Spot? Do you remember to check for coupon codes before making online purchases?


  1. Oh yes. I always check. And I make most purchases by way of I would say that I earn back a couple of hundred dollars that way.

  2. I was buying airline tickets for an out-of-town bar-mitzvah and saved $10 off! Also, once I got a great price on tickets to a local zoo.

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