Frugal Snack Idea – Homemade Hummus

We like our hummus. It’s our years spent in Israel, I suppose, but we consider ourselves rather to be connosieurs.

Of course, I’m also busy (and lazy) and usually our “fine taste in hummus” ends up being Sabra from Costco.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Sabra! In fact, I like it very much!

But… homemade hummus really is fabulous!

This week, I decided to make some homemade hummus for our SNAP Challenge. I bought a one pound package of garbanzo beans from Walmart ($1) and cooked them in my slow cooker.

Half of them went into the hummus, the other half went into the fridge – for salad toppings, for our chickpea sauce with dinner last night, and for snacking on.

Normally I’d add two tablespoons of tahini and some lemon juice – but I didn’t want to buy Tahini this week (too expensive) and I didn’t think about getting lemons. I might still do that, because our hummus is missing a bit of zing.

Otherwise, I just blended these up with some left-over cooking liquid, salt and fresh garlic cloves (two). It’s great for dipping carrots and peppers in to, or for spreading on whole wheat toast.

Or, as my husband pointed out, it would be really scrumptious served warmed up and topped with hot chickpeas and a teaspoon of harif (spicy tomato-based sauce).

Here’s my recipe for homemade hummus.

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