Fun & Frugal Purim Crafts and More

I am guest-posting today over at a Mother in Israel, where I share a round-up of fun and frugal Purim crafts, recipes, costume ideas and more.

With Purim in less than one month, I bet you can guess what I’ll be talking about today?! Yes, Purim crafts! The more creative and frugal, the better. I also snuck in a few Purim recipes and simple costume ideas, too… hope no one minds!

The quintessential Purim craft is, of course, the noise maker – also known as ra’ashan (in Hebrew) or gragger (in Yiddish). There are endless ways to repurpose your recycling bin and a bag of dried beans into a very noisy noise maker – most of which my kids have made one year or another in preschool.

To read more, please go visit A Mother in Israel.


  1. Thanks for the great post, as always.

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