Get $10 Gift Card from American Express with $50 Pre-Paid Card

Remember the awesome $25 free gift card offer last month from American Express?

Well, that offer expired on 6/30, but American Express has gone and made it even easier to enjoy some free money! This month, when you buy a $50+ prepaid card from American Express, they will send you a FREE $10 gift card (6-8 weeks later) as a thank you.

That’s a 20% return, just for moving some money around.

See, even if you don’t think you “need” a prepaid card, they are a simple and easy way to get access to cash. Our clothing budget, for example, is $50 per month. Instead of paying cash (or putting this on a credit card), I can just use my prepaid card to buy clothing this month.

And it’s a great way to enforce limits on yourself, because when that card is depleted, it’s depleted – no more spending!

When you sign up for the American Express prepaid card, you will need to provide your social security number and bank information – although there is not a credit check pulled for this pre-paid card.

Within a few days of registering, you will see two small deposits (e.g. $.51) and one debit (the total of the two deposits together – eg. $1.02). You’ll get an email notifying you of these deposits, and then you’ll just need to follow the link in the email to confirm the amount of those deposits.

Besides the free $10, here are some other benefits of the pre-paid American Express cards:

  • The same fraud protection and roadside assistance programs of regular American Express memberships.
  • There are no annual fees, no customer service fees, and no credit checks (although, again, you do need to enter your social security number to buy the card).
  • There are no transaction fees (it’s free to use the card). They even give you one free ATM withdrawal on the pre-paid card!

Fine Print: This special offer is valid on pre-paid cards purchased thru 7/31/12. Limit one $10 gift card per user name. Allow six weeks for the $10 gift card to arrive. Standard shipping is FREE.

Note: You don’t need a promo code (just leave that box blank). You will need to fund your card from a checking or savings account.

Buy your pre-paid American Express card HERE.


  1. Rivka H. says

    Can you get the $10 gift card on the same user name you used for the other promotion?

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