Get 2 Lbs of Gevalia Coffee + FREE Coffee Maker for Just $9.99


I posted about the return of the free trial Gevalia offer this week – and now they’ve gone and changed things up for us…and lowered the price!

You can still get four half-pound boxes of Gevalia coffee or tea plus a coffee maker – now in black rather than stainless steel. And the price has dropped from $24.95 to only $9.99.

$10 for the coffee alone is an awesome deal, but now you get a new coffee maker for free!

My husband is a DIE-HARD Gevalia drinker – he loves it. Although I don’t drink it, I will say it smells amazing. The creme brulee is awesome! And all Gevalia certification is through the O-K.

Note: Gevalia is a subscription service, and this is one of their special introductory offers. But don’t worry, you are under no obligation to keep your subscription after you receive your gift and first four boxes of coffee or tea. (Read the fine print to feel better, but it very clearly states NO OBLIGATION.) Just call 1-800-438-2542 or select the “Cancel Membership” option on their website.

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  1. Probably worth noting is shipping – would be close to $6 for me. Definitely takes some of the shine off the deal for me.

  2. for some reason, this link doesnt work once the items are placed in the cart. The 24.99 stainless steel one is still active though…

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