Get 3 FREE Digital Issues of Food Network Magazine (+ More)

When you register for the free digital magazine service Zinio right now, you also get a FREE Mini Magazine Digital Subscription.

There are several magazines to choose from, including three free issues of Food Network Magazine.

I picked Food Network (and downloaded the iPhone app), but you can also choose from:

  • 3 Issues Spin
  • 3 issues Nylon
  • 2 issues Shape
  • 2 issues Esquire
  • 2 Issues Mens Fitness
  • 1 issue Cosmopolitan
  • 1 issue One Icon

I love that I had immediate access to the magazine – and didn’t have to pay a penny! You don’t even enter a credit card information.

Click here to sign up for Zinio and get your free magazine subscription.

Thanks, Chaching on a Shoestring.

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