Get a FREE Bounce Dryer Bar

Go here to sign up to get a FREE Bounce Dryer Bar. You will need to “like” the Bounce page on Facebook.


  1. i got one at blogher two years ago and i hated it. it had such a strong odor and also i couldn’t get it off my dryer door without some serious goo removal.

    • You know, we’re not fabric softener users. If we really need it, we’ll put a glug of vinegar in the wash cycle. Or I’m liking the new Purex Crystals. But after using cloth diapers w/ the kids, I’ve become rather anti-fabric sheets/bar in general. The gooey mess sounds annoying – I LURVE goo-gone for that stuff!

  2. im, so excited i might have to buy a bigger mailbox to accommodate all the free things im getting thanks KOAB

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