Ends Tomorrow | Get $80 Off Your First Kidpik Kids’ Fashion Box with Free Styling & Returns (7 Custom-Selected Pieces)

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I’m a big believer in letting my children pick out their own clothing and dress themselves. But as my daughter has gotten older, I’ve found it increasingly challenging to find options that we both like and feel comfortable with.

That’s what makes Kidpik’s personalized styling service such a great option! Kidpik combines personal styling with the excitement of unboxing and the convenience of home try-on.

Your daughter can create her own unique style profile and Kidpik will customize her fashion box with 6-7 quality items, including shoes and accessories, providing complete head-to-toe outfits delivered free to your door.

Want to give it a try? Through November 30, Kidpik is offering a whopping $80 off your first Kidpik box when you use the coupon code FRIDAY80 at checkout.

A typical box runs about $130, so with the FRIDAY80 coupon code, you will pay only ~$50 for your first box — depending on which pieces are styled for your child.

Once you sign up for Kidpik, you can elect to continue receiving new fashion boxes for your daughter according to the schedule you choose:

  • One box every 4 weeks
  • One box every 6 weeks
  • One box every 12 weeks

You can skip a box or cancel your subscription at any time. There are never any membership, styling or shipping/return fees.

Free exchanges are also available for size or color. Shipping is only available within the United States.

To get started with Kidpik, simply click the orange “Get Started” button and fill out your child’s style quiz (my daughter and I did this together and she is thrilled with the items they sent!).

One of the best features of Kidpik is that they give you the option to choose a modest (tzanua) box, which means no pants or shorts, all skirt lengths are at or below the knee, and all tops have three-quarter sleeves or longer with higher necklines.

To opt for that, I just checked the box above. (I believe kidpik is owned by a Jewish family!)

Note: When choosing the looks you prefer in your child’s fashion survey, don’t worry if there are pants in one of the sample outfits. You can still select that and the stylist will substitute in an appropriate skirt or dress that matches the same style.

Once you finish the survey, enter in your billing and shipping information along with a valid credit card number. There may be a “pending” charge to verify your card, but that charge will fall off within 24 hours.

After you receive you Kidpik box (ours came in a week!), have your child try on the items and decide what she will keep. Each Kidpik box comes with a prepaid mailing envelope for any returns you wish to make.

You only pay for what you keep, but keep in mind that for this special first-time offer, the $80 off only applies if you keep all seven items.

** Please note! On the last page, when you enter in your credit card information and click “Save Information”, that is placing your first order. I really wish there was a checkout confirmation page, like there is with most online shopping. I know that is quite confusing, so I want to be sure you are aware of this!

Be sure to enter the coupon code FRIDAY80 to get $80 off. Offer ends tomorrow (Nov. 30).

Click here to get started!



  1. Robinette Schwei says

    I did it but I was charged $20 before they even sent anything to me

    • Robinette – Not sure if you caught this in the post, but ‘Then, type in your billing and shipping information along with a valid credit card number. There may be a “pending” charge to verify your card, but that charge will fall off within 24 hours.’ I believe that is what you are seeing.

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