Get My Chanukah Mall Scavenger Hunt – FREE

Looking for something to do with your kiddos today?

After our fun three-day trip to the north of Israel (stay tuned: I’ll be sharing all our activities and accommodation recommendations later in the week for those who are interested), I wanted to plan something fun, but low-key, to do this afternoon.

I remember bumping into a friend at the mall last Chanukah (hi Carla!), and she told me that she and a girlfriend had made up a mall scavenger hunt for their children. It kept them occupied for an hour while they sat, drank a coffee and caught up.


A little Googling combined with some basic knowledge of our local mall – and I created this Chanukah Mall Scavenger Hunt.

Want to get a copy of it? Just click this link! Then click the blue “Make a Copy” button.

Save the Chanukah Mall Scavenger Hunt to your computer (either as a Word document or a Google Doc) and customize it for your kids and your mall.

(For example, if you don’t live in Israel, you may not have a plethora of kosher bakeries selling gourmet sufganiyot… so the whole “buy the best looking sufganiyah you can find” assignment may not work for you…. sorry!)

I met up with a friend and her boys and my kids split up into teams according to their ages. It was Team 4th Grade vs. 7th Grade –and Team 4th Grade took the WIN… completing all twenty tasks in just 41 minutes and 17 second!

Happy Chanukah. I hope you can enjoy this little fun activity, and make it yours. If you do, please let me know how it goes. I’d love to see some pictures and know how you personalized it.

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