Giveaway: $25 Gift Card to Mary Kay + Personal Beauty Consultation

Congratulations, TP in Houston! You are the winner! Please check your email, as I have already contacted you wth all the details!

I’m getting ready to celebrate a birthday in a couple of weeks. Funny how the closer I get, the more I can’t help but notice that my once low-maintenance style is suddenly starting to demand a little.. maintenance. Hair needs coloring. Skin needs moisturizing. Bags under eyes need… extreme covering up (and perhaps a bit more sleep).

Of course, the upside of all this “wear and tear” is that I now have an excuse to pamper myself!

In the spirit of pampering ourselves, I was thrilled when KOAB reader and Mary Kay consultant, Ann Lapin, generously offered to give a $25 Mary Kay gift card plus a personal beauty consultation to one lucky Kosher on a Budget reader.

When I checked out Ann’s personal site, I was wowed with how much the brand’s image has changed in a few (dozen) years. Mary Kay is sleek, suave and sophisticated! It’s all grown up!  From skin and body care products to a full-line of make-up and even men’s care products, Mary Kay really has become a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs.

I was also thoroughly impressed with Mary Kay’s commitment to social responsibility, including their partnership with Habitat for Humanity and their campaign to end domestic violence. A company that makes me feel good – while doing good? That’s my kind of company!

In addition to the giveaway, Ann is also offering FREE samples of any product on her Mary Kay site – just contact her to let her know what you’re interested in trying out. When you’re ready to place a full-size order, shipping is free if you spend more than $5, or a prorated amount (never more than $5) if you spend less than $50.

Back to the giveaway…

One lucky reader will win a $25 gift card to Mary Kay plus a personal beauty consultation with Ann. If you happen to live within a 15-mile radius of zip code 10463, Ann will meet with you an in-person to provide your skincare consultation and makeover; if you aren’t close by, you will enjoy a phone facial – either over the phone or via Skype, your choice.

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite way to pamper yourself. This comment is mandatory in order to enter the giveaway.

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This giveaway will be open until Sunday evening, August 21. If you can still comment, you can still enter. The winner will be selected randomly and notified via email.

Disclosure: Ann will personally provide the winning prize to one KOAB reader. I was not compensated with product nor with other consideration for this review. All positive opinions of Mary Kay are my own.


  1. One word: pedicure!

  2. Pamper myself?!? Huh?!? What is that?!? A 20 minute warm shower with no interruption and really good body wash (I have special rosemary mint body wash that I save for pampering) is the extent of my “pampering” these days…

  3. And I subscribe via email…

  4. Okay… FB now knows all about this great giveaway! Thanks, Ann and Mara for the chance to take care of ourselves!

  5. A long hot shower while someone else watches my toddler, then taking the time to blow-dry my hair.

  6. I don’t get to pamper myself nearly as much as I would like, but I do try to do it every so often. Pedicures are a favorite. I sadly only average two or so per year. I get my teeth cleaned every 6 months. That might seem funny, but it is one full hour I get to lay in the chair with no one able to bother me so I count it as being “pampered”. If I am really organized I try to get my teeth cleaned just before Pesach and Kol Nidre. A proper cup of tea is a favorite. Not every day can I properly enjoy my tea, but I try as much as possible to sit for 10-15minutes once a day to enjoy. That usually makes me late for work, but it is worth it. Another selfish pleasure for me is my yoga practice. I go twice a week and try to work in a third time. The only way to make that happen though is to go at 5:45am. It is a little brutal at first, but I love being out when the world is quiet.

  7. sleep!

  8. Getting a massage at the gym!!!

  9. Done!

  10. Also done!

  11. a nice long warm bath with jets bubbling with bubbles abounding,

  12. A mani/pedi!

  13. I subscribe via email.

  14. Mani/pedi…spa treatment…I have lots of favorites that I never get around to 😉

  15. I pamper myself by getting a massage. It keeps me healthy and lets me relax without inturruption from my 3 little kids!

  16. I just updated my FB status about the contest, and I added a comment about your upcoming visit to Detroit! We can’t wait to have you here 🙂

  17. I also already subscribe to your e-mail.

  18. I subscribed!

  19. And I posted!

  20. Fill the tub. Relaxing in a warm bath is a tradition that goes back as far as the ancient Egyptians. Add bath salts or oils to add an additional layer of pampering to your bath.

    Light a candle or two. Bathing by candle light can be very relaxing. Lie back in the warm water and focus on the flickering light of the candles to rid yourself of the stress of your day.

    Finish well. Slather yourself with body lotion or oil after your bath to extend the pampering and relaxation through the rest of your day.

  21. love to get manis/pedis but dont often have the time (or money!) to get to the salon. i’ve gotten really good at doing them myself, though, so that’s at least something! 🙂

  22. I used to get facials regularly before having a mortgage and kids, now it is more rare, but much enjoyed when I get the chance. And I do really like the Mary Kay 2 in 1 cleanser and satin lips when I can’t get my facial!

  23. I used to get facials regularly before having a mortgage and kids, now it is more rare, but much enjoyed when I get the chance. And I do really like the Mary Kay 2 in 1 cleanser and satin lips when I can’t get my facial!

  24. I subscribe to your updates!

  25. I posted a link on my facebook page! Hope I win!

  26. My favorite pampering that I actually do – long, hot shower. I WISH I had time for a pedicure though!

  27. massage! a really good one!

  28. Posted on FB!

  29. A relaxing bubble bath.

  30. Oh gosh, I’d love a nice bath if my tub was bigger…a shower is okay though, or taking a nice refreshing nap. Some nice perfume makes me feel nice.

  31. TP in Houston says

    Pedicure!!! Wait, I forgot the way to the nail salon ( postpartum brain)

  32. TP in Houston says

    And of course I receive your emails in my mailbox

  33. TP in Houston says

    I hope all my facebook friends enter the giveaway now that it is posted on my wall 🙂

  34. Rebecca Starr says

    The way I love to pamper myself…an hour or two in the garden by myself without being rushed, followed by a nice cup of tea with mint from the garden and a really good book sitting outside! Love KOAB and am a subscriber. Can’t wait for your Detroit visit!

  35. I take a nice long quiet bath
    rjs682 at yahoo dot com

  36. subscribed to newsletter
    rjs682 at yahoo dot com

  37. Hanging out with my daughter is pure joy for me. Other than that to truly pamper myself I book a massage about once a year.

  38. I *already* pamper myself by using the Mary Kay skincare line! I’ve been using it since 1998, and my skin feels awesome every day!

  39. … and i posted the giveaway on my fb page. 🙂

  40. Massage is my #1. Second would be giving myself a facial and shopping for new eyeshadow or lipstick 😉 With 3 young children, just finding time to myself to do these things is the real luxury – much thanks to my DH.

  41. Already receive email newsletter… <3

  42. posted on my facebook page!

  43. Read a good book

  44. Mani/pedi!

  45. I like to get a massage every once in a while 🙂

  46. I get emails etc

  47. I shared on FB!

  48. I don’t want to enter myself. I want to enter my friend Shifra because she never does anything for herself. Not even new shabbat shoes because she says it’s not really that far of a walk. I would want her to be pampered just a tiny bit because she deserves it.

  49. pedicure…ahhh

  50. pamper myself? with three little ones, a nice warm shower without anyone banging on the door and yelling “mommy!”