Giveaway: One Free Classic Picaboo Photobook

free picaboo coupon code giveaway
You all have heard me sing the praises of our gorgeous Picaboo photobook — which I was fortunate enough to be able to make for free during a new customer promotion this fall.

A number of you got in on that deal as well, and I have heard such positive feedback from all of you.

So, I was pretty stoked when Picaboo contacted me and offered to give away one free 20-page, Classic photo book on my blog, valued at up to $39.99. The winner will receive a coupon code good until the end of the year to make their own 20-page book, with Picaboo’s super user-friendly software.

Unfortunately there’s one “catch” — and if you follow KOAB on Facebook, you already know what it is: The coupon code does not cover shipping, which will be $8.99.

I debated about whether or not to even offer this giveaway, since winning it means shelling out $9 bucks. But when I thought about how many of you loved making your free books this fall, I decided that as long as I fully disclosed this “catch” up front, you could use your own judgment about whether or not you want to enter.

Consider the “catch” disclosed.

The winner will be able to chose from one of three Picaboo photobook styles:

Classic Custom Books, which are not only fully customizable inside, but you can also create a one-of-a-kind front & back cover with the layout, background, images, and text of your choice.

Classic Leather Books, which have a rich, smooth finish and formal, timeless design, which are also super easy to clean if smudgy-fingered kids (or adults) get a little too eager to look at the book!

Classic Linen Books, which feature a traditional photo book design with a die cut window on the front cover, allowing your image and caption from the first page to show through the cover when the book is closed.

No matter what style you choose, you can’t go wrong! Picaboo books are fun and easy to create — just drag-and-drop photos and captions anywhere on your pages. Believe me when I say, you will LOVE your Picaboo!

To enter for your chance to win a FREE 20-page Classic Picaboo photobook, just leave me a comment about your favorite KOAB post.

If you would like a second chance to win, follow me on Facebook and LEAVE A SEPARATE COMMENT telling me that you have done so. If you already follow me, just leave a separate comment to that effect.

In order to ensure that the winner has maximum time to create their book, I will close entries to this giveaway today, Thursday, at 11:59 pm CST. The winner will be announced Friday morning.

Picaboo will provide the winning reader of KOAB with a coupon code to create their own photobook. I was not compensated in any manner for my participation in this giveaway nor for my positive opinions.


  1. I read your blog but can not pin point a favorite….hope this qualifies…would make an excellent gift for someone.

    • Definitely counts! I was just trying to think of something fun to comment on… maybe fun is relative at 11:45 at night!

  2. I’m partial to the Dave Ramsey series!

  3. I follow you on Facebook!

    Oh, and thanks for this fun giveaway!

  4. Yay! Giveaway on!
    I actually appreciate the whole “An Honest Discussion” series. I applaud your courage in posting. So many people are having these issues but so few want to talk about them.
    *fingers crossed* 🙂

  5. Also I already follow you on FB – if this doesn’t count as a second entry bc I already follow you, understood and no harm no foul. 🙂

  6. I love your posts on coupons and how being observant can affect–but not entirely foul up–a well-intentioned budget! (Also, I’m a FB follower.) Hoping to use this free book to make a guest book for our wedding!

  7. My favorite of your posts are also the Jewish Dave Ramsey series. I was so motivated by it!

  8. I also follow you on facebook 🙂

  9. Hands down, my favourite posts are the three you wrote about financial security.

  10. I too already follow you on FB 😉

  11. I enjoy the budgeting tips.

  12. I also follow you on facebook

  13. Reading comprehension was never my strong point. 😉

    I love the blog though, Mara. I read it a lot. Mostly at night while nursing Simon. Hence I don’t reply to much. But I’m reading!

  14. I love the posts when you help us all save some xtra $$$$$!!!

  15. I folllow you on FB.

  16. I love the CVS match-ups – finally deals for the kosher consumer where I don’t have to skip those amazing non-kosher deals!

  17. Mara, thank you so much for all the time and love you put into this blog. I read every post. I love the tips about things that I NEED, like getting diapers through Amazon Mom – I’m about to buy some with $10 in swag bucks. We are huge Dave Ramsey fans, and I feel comforted to know that we are not the only observant Jews in the bunch.

  18. I follow you on facebook (and will certainly spread the word!)

  19. I like the overall approach- that anyone can be doing this…

  20. I follow you on facebook – love this giveaway

  21. Please add me to the chance for this giveaway. Keep the posts coming – I love reading KOAB

  22. Right now, I am thrilled with the idea of getting an iphone. Is this the time to drop the phone line and jump into the wireless fray? Probably not since my wife wrote our land-line number in permanent marker in everyone’s coats, gloves and underwear. But, it’s a nice thought, nonetheless.

  23. BTW I follow you on FB, too.

  24. Definitely Dave Ramsey. I was afraid I was the only Jew who read him. I appreciate your honest discussions.

  25. I am a fb fan!

  26. My favorite post was the one that helped me get 6 boxes of cereal, 5lbs of sugar and something else which I cannot remember right now for a buck 25! I felt like I had arrived. Getting so much cereal for pennies on the dollar was fun, and it allowed me to ‘treat’ my kids. They have so many to chose from now AND a few special ones just for Shabbat.

  27. FB fan and avid follower!

  28. I just started reading your blog for the first time and I found all of your posts on the David Ramsey approach to saving money really fascinating. I am definitely going to try to make some of those pointers work for me. Thanks for the insight!

  29. I’d have to say it’s a 3-way tie b/t the CVS tutorial (which I’ve read over multiple times, and will do so again), the story of your first CVS trip (’cause I saw myself in it), and this week’s Target matchups (you always remember your first time… 😉 ).

  30. FB Follower

  31. I found out about you through a friend of mine on facebook who shared a link to your facebook page. So I now follow you on facebook! Just tonight, after reviewing your target deals of the week, I told all of my facebook friends about your site!

  32. two things: the awareness you bring to the accessibility finacially about keeping kosher and THE FIRST PICABOO BOOK I MADE, WHICH was the first time i think i actually read KOAB

  33. As I am new to the website I’ve begun with the “About Me” section. It really adds a personal touch and gives a great overview of what your site offers. I’m excited to learn more! When I saw your family of five budget was a quarter my fams budget – I knew spending time on KOAB would be worth my while! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom!

  34. like the getting out of debt story,
    but the most useful for me personally was the great diaper deal on amazon, because I have ordered those, and I feel like I pulled off a good one!
    Happy post chanuka, keep em coming!

  35. i love reading you on FB