Gmar Chatima Tova: May We All Be Sealed in the Book of Life!

This is such an auspicious season in our calendar and the weight of it all is felt especially now. I wish for all of us to be signed and sealed in the Book of Life and to be blessed with a year of comfort, prosperity and peace!

Here are some oldies but goodies you  might want to check out:

A mother’s avodah during Yom Kippur

My peach noodle kugel recipe, which I make pretty  much every year for the break fast.

G’mar Chatima Tova! I hope you have an easy and meaningful fast. See you on the other side.



  1. Amen! And to you as well.

  2. amen, and same to you and your family!

  3. Same to you and yours!

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