Good News! If you got the Last American Express Deal, You Can Get This One, Too!

How’s that for a post title? Many of you have asked me about this and I was waiting for officially confirmation from American Express, which just came through last night!

Here it is:

This offer valid for all new Card orders with a single $50 load, including additional/supplemental accounts associated with an existing Card purchaser’s account.

In other words (because legal ease is not so easy for me to understand), if you purchased the $200 prepaid card last month, you can ALSO purchase a $50+ prepaid card from American Express and get the FREE $10 gift card.

Remember – the gift cards come 6-8 weeks after your pre-paid card arrives.

I’m going to get one more! Can’t hurt! And it’s another month of pre-paid “blow” money for me (plus $10 in free money – pedicure fund?!)

Remember: When you sign up for the American Express prepaid card, you will need to provide your social security number and bank information – although there is not a credit check pulled for this pre-paid card.

Within a few days of registering, you will see two small deposits (e.g. $.51) and one debit (the total of the two deposits together – eg. $1.02) in your linked account. You’ll get an email notifying you of these deposits, and then you’ll just need to follow the link in the email to confirm the amount of those deposits.

Besides the free $10, here are some other benefits of the pre-paid American Express cards:

  • The same fraud protection and roadside assistance programs of regular American Express memberships.
  • There are no annual fees, no customer service fees, and no credit checks (although, again, you do need to enter your social security number to buy the card).
  • There are no transaction fees (it’s free to use the card). They even give you one free ATM withdrawal on the pre-paid card!

Fine Print: This special offer is valid on pre-paid cards purchased thru 7/31/12. Limit one $10 gift card per user name. Allow six weeks for the $10 gift card to arrive. Standard shipping is FREE.

Note: You don’t need a promo code (just leave that box blank). You will need to fund your card from a checking or savings account.

Buy your pre-paid American Express card HERE.


  1. do u know if there is a limit for how many u can get?

  2. You can have a total of three cards. So – if you ordered two with the last offer, you can only order one now. I think you can order two at a time.

  3. and still get the 10$ bonus for all of them?

    • I don’t think that’s right. I think it’s one per person – but you can get more than one card per bank account. But if you got the $200 one, you can also get the $50 one. I hope that helps!

  4. I spoke to American Express last night because one of the $50 cards I ordered was not approved. When I asked why, they said b/c I had previously ordered two of the $200 cards (to get back $50) so now I could only order one more b/c they will only let you have 3 at a time for each banking account.

  5. Both times, I ordered one for me and one for my husband.

  6. I just ordered a $50 card, but when I got to the order confirmation page, it mentioned the 2 small deposits that are going to be made to my account, but there was no mention of getting the $10 bonus card. I saw that offer on the opening screen, though. Did I do this right, or did I mess it up somehow?

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