Google Calendar Hacks | How to See Hebrew Dates Alongside Gregorian Dates

See Hebrew Dates Alongside Gregorian Dates

Sometimes it’s the little things. This is a little thing – but it’s making me big-time happy. And if you’re a Google calendar geek like me, I hope you’ll enjoy this little Hebrew date hack, too.

It’s super easy to enable the Hebrew calendar, so you can see the Hebrew date right next to the Gregorian date. Here’s how:

Click on gear icon

  • Click on the gear (wheel) on the top right of the screen
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on the General tab

Hebrew Calendar Dates

  • Scroll down to Alternate Calendar and select the Hebrew calendar

Voila! Enjoy seeing the Hebrew dates on your calendar!

Hebrew Dates in the Calendar

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  1. Steven Rothstein says

    Is this only on desktop?

    • Yes, unfortunately. HebCal, which a number of readers mentioned on facebook, syncs with your calendar on your mobile devices. I use that to know when chagim are, candle lighting time, etc. However this just displays the date and unfortunately that doesn’t seem to sync up to the mobile view.

  2. his is terrific! I am a Google Calendar fanatic and this will really help me. Thanks!

  3. This is great news to me. Thanks Mara. From what I see though, we are not able to have the repeat option for a Hebrew date , right? (like for a yahrzeit for example)

  4. Love! Thanks!

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