#Grain-Free Tabouleh Recipe

Grain-Free Tabouleh

So this whole grain-free thing has been tremendously eye-opening.

I’m learning a lot, but you know what my #1 take-away is so far?

That cauliflower is the world’s most diverse food!

Seriously. You can mash it instead of potatoes, you can make it into pizza crust, and you can turn it into “rice”.

You can even sub it for bulgar in a totally grain-free and even raw tabouleh salad.

I made this recipe up last Friday, and we devoured it over Shabbat. I’ve already been asked to make it again!

It was delicious, simple to make, and guilt- (and grain-) free.

(By the way, the crackers in that picture are the delicious grain-free crackers I linked to in this post. They were quite easy to make and super yum!)

Have you experimented with cauliflower? What’s your favorite way to prepare it?


  1. My favorite is cauliflower kugel (aka cauliflower soufflé or cauliflower and eggs bake). You can get variety of tastes and textures by experimenting with different herbs/spices added to main ingredients of cauliflower and beaten eggs.

  2. I steam cauliflower and garlic cloves and then smash them together with a little Earth Balance, salt & pepper. Just like mashed potatoes.
    I also roast it with onion slices, turmeric, salt pepper, garlic powder and olive olive on high heat until brown.
    Like you said it is so versatile.

  3. Mara- I am going to try the grain free diet. Ive been reading up and looking at all the recipes. They really look good and not too hard. I feel like if my headaches go away, it will all be worth it!!! Thanks for doing all this work! Your the best 🙂

  4. Just made this…AMAZING!!! 🙂

  5. Any breakfast suggestions for grain free diet?

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