Groupon: Get 3 Redbox Movies for Just $1

If you are in “like” with KOAB on Facebook, you know that occasionally I share codes over there to get free Redbox movies.

FREE is, of course, wonderful. But if you’d rather not have to wait around for free codes when you want to watch a movie, today you can get a Groupon for just $1 that will get you (3) DVDs at Redbox.

That’s not quite free, but, gosh, it’s very, very close.

If you’re not already signed up for Groupon, do that first. Then use this link to get your movies!

Fine Print: Not valid on Blu-ray or Video Games.

Not familiar with Redbox? Let me tell you why I lurve it: They are movie kiosks – and they are everywhere. For sure, you should find one at the entrance to a McDonald’s or a Walmart. (Find a location near you.)

Even without a code or your Groupon, you will pay just $1 per DVD, and that covers you for 24 hours. If you don’t return your movie within a day, you get charged another $1.

The other great thing about Redbox is that you can return to any location nationwide. We rented a Redbox on our road trip this summer at one pitstop, let the kids watch for a day, then dropped it off a few hundred miles away. So cool!


  1. lindsey quaytman says

    did you use the link through swagbucks? i can’t find it on swagbucks?

    • I didn’t. I never seem to remember to do that. Oops!

      But, I don’t think SB carries every Groupon deal. I’ll check and see what I can figure out for you.

  2. I linked through swagbucks to groupon, switched to the redbox deal, and bought. (Yea–with groupon dollars, so it was FREE!) However, I did not end up getting SB. It may not be worth it for them to offer for a dollar deal.

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