Guess How Much I Spent at CVS?!

Update: If you want to know how much I spent, I revealed my total here!

I like to play this little game with my husband when I get home from a particularly good deal-shopping venture. Today’s haul from CVS was a pretty good one, so I thought I’d play with you guys, too.

Here’s a picture of my trip, which I did in three transactions.

(Those things on the bottom are fleece-lined ‘knock-off’ Crocs – one pair for my husband and one pair for my 7-year old.)

The retail value of these items – without sales, coupons or ECBs – is $111.51.

I started out with $10 in ECBs (earned from a CVS Advisory survey!) and $10 in CVS credit from the WeShop deal. And I earned $9.99 in ECBs to use on my next trip.

So, take a guess: How much do you think I spent OOP (out of pocket) before taxes?

To the person who comes closest, I will send a coupon for a free Earth Balance product — yes, the company that makes the awesome pareve Buttery Sticks (best.margarine.ever).

By the way, while the deals at CVS were great, shopping with all three kids was… not. I think having three very “busy” children is my best money saving strategy – it keeps me out of the stores!

Check out all of this week’s CVS deals here.


  1. Jennifer P says

    I’m guessing you spent 10 dollars.

  2. $11.92….seems absurd. but could be…..

  3. about 15 bucks.

  4. $14

  5. 3.50

  6. Orthonomics says

    I’m going with 11 cents. That is what I spent today at CVS recycling my extra bucks on order #1.

  7. $23

  8. My guess is $4.25. Neil would like to guess $12, and he says thanks for helping us get toothpaste for free!

  9. 4.34

  10. $21

  11. $9

  12. Shifra took my $12 guess! So I say, $13.25

  13. $2.23 🙂

  14. $7.77 -ha I love this game!

  15. $30.30

  16. $1.91 ???

  17. “having three very “busy” children is my best money saving strategy – it keeps me out of the stores!”
    that made me laugh but I know it’s true:)
    Only thing is, the times you do take kids to a store it can be a struggle not to spend more! Making up for all the times you didn’t go into the store to start with.. 🙂


  18. If you walked in with $30 in CVS “cash” your before tax out of pocket should be zero on this trip.
    Well done.

  19. How about $17?

  20. $9.99

  21. I was debating between $10.66 (Norman Conquest of England) and $10.96 (First Crusade). But I think I will go with $5.86 (Churban Bayit Rishon). I am with Ariella–I love this game.

  22. My guess $4.65

  23. $12.12

  24. I think that you paid 4.20. Walking in w/30 in cvs cash and everything you have is on sale except for the shoes..your shopping trips are.very impressive

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