Guess How Much I Spent at Whole Foods?!

Last’s week edition of Guess How Much I Spent at CVS was so much fun (for me at least ;-)) that I thought I’d do it again with Whole Foods.

Since I was out running errands on Friday afternoon anyway, I decided to pop into Whole Foods. My husband had the kids with him, so this entire trip took less than 15 minutes. Aaaah, bliss! It also gave me a chance to update my Whole Foods deal matchups for this week, so be sure to check that out for a few more deals and steals.

The shelf value of the 12 items that I purchased is $33, before taxes. How much do you think I ended up paying out of pocket? The person who comes closest will win a coupon for a free Earth’s Balance, makers of those yummy buttery sticks featured above.

For those of you that still think Whole Foods = “Whole Paycheck”, check out my How to Save at Whole Foods tutorial.


  1. Rachel B. says

    I guess $8. You are my hero! I spend SO much money at Whole Foods.

  2. $10

  3. $6.77

  4. $3.14

  5. $5

  6. $2

  7. Deleting my first guess and switching to $4… The chips were $1 ea and the soy stuff was $1 ea and everything else was free…

  8. $3.98

    • I just realized you probably used at least one reusable bag so lets say
      $3.78 for two reusable bags 😉
      heading out to WF right now!

      • now i LOVE WF, well at least the cashier I got. He was very nice with the coupons. I hope you got a good one too!

  9. $1.56 + tax (7.725% – found at Sales Tax Lookup) = $1.68

    This all depends on if WF give you overages for store coupons. I love a good contest!

  10. $3.50

  11. $4.75 (and I noticed tonight that I’m almost out of Earth Balance!)

  12. I think it was a $1.75.

  13. $3.54 before tax.

  14. $7.25

  15. $12

  16. $3.25

  17. $3.02

  18. $4.75 – I miss whole foods.

  19. Jennifer H. says

    My guess is $4. How did you get Earth Balance coupons? I’ve been searching for those for weeks!

  20. Not gonna even bother guessing cuz I’m sure I will be way off…I’m just getting ready to be ultra jealous and thrilled for you at the same time:)


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