Hanna, Hanna, Everywhere!

Oh, how I love Hanna Andersson clothing! They are so well made… and sooo cute! (And frankly, a lot more tzanua than at least much of the girl clothing I see these days.)

I just stopped by Costco to pick up some milk and happened to notice that they have five styles of cotton, Spring dresses for $13.99 – which is a steal for a Hanna. Sizing runs from 2T (80) to 6x.

You can also head over to the Hanna site and save 20% on regulary-priced items (excluding the Very Güd line).

Psst… If you’re buying Hanna online, you get 2.5% cashback when you click through Ebates. Plus if you’re new to Ebates, you’ll get a $5 credit applied to your account when you sign up.

Do you think that buying a new sundress for my daughter could somehow trick the snow into not falling?

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  1. I love, love, love Hanna clothes. I am excited to be pulling them out for Elizabeth from Julia and they are still in such great condition.

    I had no idea Costco carried them. I will have to go with my parents the next time they do a Costco run! Thanks for the tip.

    • I hope you will find them at your store; let me know. They had them last year as well – and they were gone quickly!

  2. I happen to love Hannah’s line, so thank for the info. Very useful indeed. However, your comment about Hannah’s clothing being more tzanua is truly puzzling. We’re talking about clothes for infants, toddlers and little girls. Heck, they don’t even carry sizes larger than 6x. Please, let’s not go overboard with tzniut zealousy here. Let little girls be little!

    • Oh, I completely agree about letting them be little – and I’m far from the tzniut police… I wear pants 🙂

      It’s possible my comment was misconstrued, so let me explain what I meant. I personally find some of the clothing for little girls to be rather … un-little girl. It’s like the manufacturers are trying to make them into mini-teenagers or young adults. Whether it’s the cut of the clothing or the slogans, I kind of yearn for that simpler style that is more… well… what I think of as “little girls being little”.

      Which is a big part of the reason that I so love the classic-style pieces from Hanna, Land’s End, etc. To me, tzniut is about more than length of hems and exposed collar bones – and obviously my toddler has no concern for that stuff anyway. It’s about exactly what you said: Being a little girl.

  3. Mara,

    Thanks for clarifying what you meant. We are in total agreement here.

    Some of the outfits you see marketed for little girls are completely inappropriate, trashy and sexy-looking and are meant to sexualize the look of little girls. A few years back, the trend was to emulate the Britney Spears trashy look. Ugh!! Hanna Anderson’s catalogue is the complete antithesis to that disturbing trend. Her line is all about innocence and cuteness, and for that alone, I love her stuff. When you used the word “tzanua” to describe little girls’ dresses, I recoiled because that word is bandied about too often, and I find the trend of dressing little girls so that they are all covered up and complying with adult tzniut restrictions a truly sickening phenomena. I’m glad we’re on the same page on this.

    Keep on keeping on. I love your blog!

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