Happy 1st Anniversary Kosher on a Budget!! (+ $36 Amazon Giveaway)

Happy Anniversary dear readers.

One year ago today, I pushed “publish” on my very first KOAB blog post. Earlier that week, I had been sitting out on my deck with my friend Amy, who was encouraging me to start this blog. I don’t know what made me take her suggestion to heart, but I’m so glad I did. What a wild run it has been!

Back when I first started blogging, I was using a super basic word press theme. Gosh it was ugly – do any of you remember that? Many of you couldn’t even read comments due to some technical glitch that I never could figure out. I was posting at most once a day – basically just trying to get my feet wet and determine whether there would even be interest in a kosher-keeping coupon blog.

I seriously can not get over how much this blog has grown in 12 months. And it’s all thanks to YOU (and your amazing word of mouth).

As Kosher on a Budget has grown in design (thanks to the professional makeover the blog got at the end of October), in posting frequency (I average four or five posts per day now) and in readership (KOAB gets more than 35,000 hits per month – that’s just ca-ray-zy!), one thing has remained the same: I’m still shooting from the hip, sharing what works for me and my family when it comes to saving money and staying out of debt.

Speaking of debt, my series of posts about our Dave Ramsey story has remained the most popular to date. Not only did those posts generate a lot of comments and emails back then, but to this day, I still get reader mail about our Dave Ramsey journey — and how you are taking similar steps. Knowing that our get-out-of-debt story has helped you with your financial struggles means THE WORLD to me.

I want you to know how much I appreciate all of you for reading Kosher on a Budget – and most especially those of who leave a comment or two along the way. I get so psyched when Gmail dings to tell me I have a new comment. Even when you don’t agree with me – like you silly people who think I’m nuts for stockpiling ice cream. πŸ˜‰

To celebrate this anniversary, and all of you who have made this year possible, I’m hosting a giveaway. One KOAB reader will win a $36 giftcard to Amazon.com.

If you would like that $36 Amazon giftcard, you have three chances to win. Leave a separate comment for each entry:

(1) Leave a comment on this post with your favorite post, series or weekly feature at Kosher on a Budget.

(2) Subscribe to Kosher on a Budget – either via the RSS feed or the daily email updates, then come back and leave a second comment telling me you have done so. If you already subscribe to KOAB, just leave a comment to that effect.

(3) β€œLike” the Kosher on a Budget Facebook page, then leave a third comment telling me you have done so. If you already β€œlike” KOAB on Facebook, just leave a comment to that effect.

Entries on this giveaway will be closed on Sunday night, July 10, 2011. If you can still comment, you can still enter. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced on Monday, July 11.

GOOD LUCK. And thank you for making this a most memorable year!


  1. I enjoy the CVS deals the most…that store can be so confusing sometimes!

  2. I follow your blog

  3. Heidi slurzberg says

    I get your daily emails and love them.

  4. Heidi slurzberg says

    I like koab on facebook

  5. Heidi slurzberg says

    I like your recipe exchange and specific store deals like cvs, Shoprite etc.

  6. I LIKEd your page on facebook

  7. I have subscribed to your daily emails.

  8. I love the sales like Staples. I went to their sale a few years ago and it was amazing. But I never find out when the sale is so I’ve been missing it the past few years. Now I’m prepared.
    Now, if only the schools would be kind enough to give us a supply list in advance…..

  9. I like all your posts – especially the Kosher coupons you post!

  10. I “like” koab on Facebook

  11. I receive your emails

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  15. I subscribe via email

  16. I am a Google Reader subscriber.

  17. I “like” KOAB on facebook!

  18. My favorite posts are both the ones where you show how you got $400 worth of merchandise for $0.32

  19. I enjoy reading all of your posts and find many of them practically helpful (like when you post how to get specific deals using coupons, store sales, etc.), but I also like when you take some time to share your perspective on some of your social perspectives that concern being frugal.

  20. I’m signed up on facebook.

  21. I get your emails. Thanks πŸ™‚

  22. Eva Sandorfy says

    I love your comments and your blog about everything you write.

  23. I’m still fairly new but so far I look forward to the Whole Foods and CVS deals you let us know about! I just did my first CVS coupon redeeming yesterday and it was fun stacking coupons, getting ECB’s, thinking about how I will roll them, etc. (The folks at CVS were so nice and this impressed me: the sale was ending yesterday on the sunblock and at the store I realized I hadn’t printed one of the coupons correctly. So they wrote me a raincheck so I could still get the sale price when I came back with the right coupon!) I’ve had a CVS card for a while but never knew about the Magic Coupon machine or ECB’s or any of that! So thanks for educating me!

    I have already email subscribed and Facebook liked you, too!

  24. My favorite are the weekly deals.

  25. I am an e-mail subscriber…

  26. …and I “like” KOAB on Facebook, too.

  27. your blog is one of my “must-reads”!

  28. (I’m already an e-mail subscriber)

  29. Your insights are very helpful.

  30. I am a facebook fan!

  31. I receive your emails.

  32. TP in Houston says

    Hi Mara, my favorite is the Dave Ramsey story, it really inspired us to go on full speed with our finances.

  33. TP in Houston says

    And I am of course your fbook fan πŸ™‚

  34. TP in Houston says

    And I get your emails.
    Happy anniversary πŸ™‚

  35. Love the weekly deals.

  36. like u on fb Julie Scott Laws

  37. email subscriber

  38. I LOVE KOAB. Where to begin? I love the Jewish Dave Ramsey story bc we are huge Dave Ramsey fans here…I love the meal planning tips (meal planning has made a huge difference in my food budget), I love the kosher coupon roundups, I love that Mara tells it like it is and shares her personal struggles to inspire us. Everyone in my family thinks that Mara is my best friend because I talk about her all the time–and I think that it is hilarious that I know what her family is having for dinner pretty much every night. Thank you, Mara.

  39. I get daily e-mails from KOAB.

  40. I like KOAB on facebook. Mazal Tov to Mara one year. Mazal Tov to the rest of us for finding this great resource.

  41. i like you on facebook

  42. i get your daly e mails love reading them