Happy 6 Months!

Half a year ago, I figured there was a “need” for a kosher frugal blog — if for no one other than my six friends in real life who are deal-seeking geeks like me.

But I had no idea that this notion of living fruitfully… without multiplying your budget would resonate so far beyond even my most ambitious game of Jewish geography.

Were you around when I wrote my onemonthiversary post? After just four weeks of blogging, I was positively giddy about my 28 subscribers and 15-80 daily readers.

My oh my. Can you believe how much can change in just five months? Today, Kosher on a Budget has more than 315 subscribers — and is viewed an average of 1000 times a day.  One.thousand.times. That is insane!

Thank you.

I am deeply honored by those of you who read what I have to say about living a frugal Jewish life. And I am thrilled beyond words that you share your thoughts with me and the KOAB community via comments, emails, Facebook posts, and 140-character tweets.

You all are THE best readers in the world. You inspire me. You keep me on the straight and narrow. You complete me.

A very special thank you to my IRL friends, who have encouraged me beyond measure. And to my new online friends, whose emails are the bright spots in my day – over and over again.

Thank you one and all for going on this crazy ride with me. I’m having the time of my life!


  1. Happy 6 months to a truly awesome blog! We LOVE KOAB!!!

  2. Happy Blogiversary to my favorite feed in my reader 😉

  3. This is my favorite blog ever!

  4. Congratulations! I’m hooked!

  5. Sometimes, I feel like I’m stalking!!!

    Thanks for all the hard work!!! 😉

  6. Happy 6 month anniversary! I love your blog! Thanks for all your great posts!

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