Happy Onemonthiversary

one month of blogging

You know how when you first start dating someone and you’re all giddy and excited, so you keep track of every single anniversary. Like, “Oh, two weeks ago today, we talked on the phone for the very first time. Awwwww!”

Then by the time you’ve been married for a few years and had a few more kids, you can barely keep track of your wedding date? And when someone asks you how long you’ve been married, you have to quickly add one to the age of your oldest child, because otherwise you’d have no clue!

For me, I’m all new-relationship excited about this little blog. Which means, of course I’m keeping track of the anniversaries! And today just happens to be my/our/this blog’s onemonthiversary. (Well, the 5th was, and I’m managing to squeeze this post in before midnight.)

In honor of this occasion, I wanted to quickly thank those of you who have found me through word of mouth or blog parties or my email signature or Twitter or Google or however else you’ve gotten here. I love that 28 of you have become subscribers of Kosher on a Budget — I’m so honored! — and that another 15-80 (on my best day) of you visit here daily.

I have so been enjoying writing this blog, and I hope that you’ve been enjoying reading it. Mostly I hope we’ll grow together until we reach that phase where we can’t even remember where we went on our first date what I wrote in my first post.

Shabbat-almost Shalom! Thanks for being with me!


  1. Hi Mara,

    Found your site in my twitter stream. Lovely! I’ve been hoping a kosher frugal blogger would show up. I’m Jewish but do not keep Kosher, gave that up several years ago b/c my husband grew up not keeping Kosher. It’s all good though. My BFF, though, is Orthodox and keeps Kosher and she gets a lot of help with my site.

    I just thought I’d stop by and wish you a Shabbat Shalom. It’s nice to find another Jewish frugal blogher out there.


      • @Sara, hi! So glad you “found” me. I also was hoping a kosher frugal blogger would show up. I had once found one, but she hasn’t posted since February, so I guess that’s why I finally decided to start this little blog! (Are you British? The “lovely” and “kindly” were my clues… my SIL is from Edgeware – sp?.) Just stopped by your blog and love your tagline – stop wishing, start doing! Hope you’ll stick around! xo
  2. Happy blogiversary! You do good here 😉

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