Heads Up! Important Changes to Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Program

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Last month, I noticed that Amazon was making some changes to their Subscribe & Save program. I was a bit worried about how that was going to impact my readers, but I held off on posting because honestly, I was kinda hoping that they were just testing out some new language. But alas, we’re now a week into February and the changes are sticking around.

So, what am I talking about?

Well, it looks like Amazon is now trying to force us into a sort of hybrid Subscribe & Save model.

Let’s take a look at these Dixie Everyday Disposable Paper Plates as an example.

If you are logged in to your Amazon Prime account on your computer, you will see this on the right of the product:

Let’s break down what we’re looking at and how it differs from previous Subscribe & Save offers.

At the top, you see the full price. That’s pretty straightforward.

Scroll down a bit… a bit more… there: That is the Subscribe & Save option. (See my red arrow)

If you want to set up a subscription vs. getting this as a one-time immediate offer, you need to check that little grey box, which I’ve circled in green.

But wait — there’s a catch!

Two months ago, when you checked that little grey box, Amazon would automatically add the item to your Subscribe & Save list.

But now, Amazon is trying to direct you to purchase for immediate shipment with an automatic 5% discount, and then the item will be added to your Subscribe & Save list for the next month’s delivery, at which point you will get the 15% discount.

If you’re not familiar with how the 15% discount works on Subscribe & Save, READ THIS POST.

Why does it matter if you get it for 5% off now and 15% off later?

Well, first of all, the “deal” that I share here on KOAB (or that you find on your own) isn’t going to be as sweet with a 5% savings as it is with a 15% savings. That’s just basic math.

Also, often times I share Subscribe & Save deals with a coupon, to make the deal even better. The coupon will be applied to your first order shipped. So, if you aren’t paying attention and reflexively opt into Subscribe & Save the way Amazon structured it now, your coupon won’t “go as far” with a 5% discount, as it will with a 15% one. Again, this is basic math.

Here’s the good news. For the time being at least, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can opt out of this new Amazon Subscribe & Save model and actually get your item with the 15% discount (assuming you met the five-item threshold).

See that link that says “Skip immediate delivery and just add subscription”? You want to click that!

Doing so, will send you in the check-out screen that you are familiar with in Subscribe & Save.

**Expert Tip: If there are coupons for the item you are purchasing, you want to click on that coupon BEFORE you click the “skip immediate delivery” link!

Okay, now here’s the bad news: If you are NOT an Amazon Prime member, you will need see the option to “Skip immediate delivery”. The link just isn’t there. I’ve poked around and can’t find a backdoor way to get to it.

You see? No link! 🙁

Keep this in mind: If you are a regular S & S user, but don’t have Prime, it looks like you won’t be able to get that 15% discount on the first subscription for most items. Instead, you will have to get it immediately (with a 5% discount) and only than can it be added to your subscription list.

Given this, it seems to me that Amazon is probably moving to make Subscribe & Save an exclusive perk for Prime members. Or at least a money-saving perk. I suppose you do still have the “convenience” perk!

Have you noticed any other changes to Subscribe & Save lately?


  1. Thanks Mara, that’s very helpful info!

  2. Yea thank you for update had no clue!

  3. I’m curious how this will work for people who are the additional accounts on someone else’s Prime account (like me). I clicked on the link and am not getting the new Subscribe & Save option so I guess I’ll have to wait and see!

    • It’s very strange – this doesn’t seem to be consistent yet across all items or even across all users. I can tell you that I definitely have seen what you’re describing recently. However, when I click on the link to the Dixie plates, I see the listing exactly like it used to be, the old way. Also, to address Rivka’s question, I am also a “tag-along” Prime member and I have been able to defer the first shipment so I think we’re ok… for now.

  4. Not sure how up to date what I’m writing is, but recently I noticed a difference between if you on using a smartphone versus a desktop/tablet. One showed the new subscribe and save while one showed the old one. Not sure if that’s long term or just was overlooked for now.

  5. I also get the old way on my laptop. Has anyone gotten the new version on a laptop/desktop?

  6. I don’t see any of those options – mine looks the same way it always has. So strange!

  7. I have seen a difference with Amazon family. No more 20% off diapers and wipes.

  8. Linda Waldman says

    Have any of you tried JET. During last Passover I had better luck and service from them than from Amazon. What I ordered from Amazon arrived in dribbles and often chips were crushed jars broken. jET sent everything beautifully packed and together. Their prices are often better. Let me know what you think.

  9. I am not a prime member but have so far been able to skip immediate delivery and just add the subscription for multiple items that subscribed to over the past couple of weeks. Once I click on the subscribe and save option, that choice pops up. This seems to vary between users.

  10. Thank you so much for posting this. I *thought* that I had put coffee on s and s and then it showed up at my door 2 days later. I figured that I had just made a mistake. Turns out THIS is what happened!!!

  11. Today (4 May 2018) and this week Amazon is playing dirty with their subscribe and save. I usually bought 2 pounds of antep pistachios a week from Amazon but never subscribed because I was not consistently buying them every week and wanted the option to try other brands. So Amazon refused to ship me my order this week claiming that they were out of stock and would not arrive at my door until seven days later MINIMUM! But wait … the subscribe and save WAS in stock … fulfilled by Amazon and would arrive in two days. Just another way Prime members are getting screwed over.

  12. Amanda Moran says

    Amazon must have taken this option away 🙁 I can’t figure out why I’m not getting 15% on 5+ items for my 1st subscription. Any updates?

  13. Recently, two months in a row Amazon subscribe & save has deleted many of my subscription orders: Nov & Dec 2018. Out of 18 expected deliveries in Dec, only 10 arrived and can be found in the orders. The other 8 appear to have vanished. In Nov. even fewer arrived. There appeared to be a glitch in Nov. with the credit card processing. Many of the subscriptions said the billing address was wrong. (It wasn’t.) This month that error only showed up one time on one order, yet 8 deliveries didn’t come. It’s been a real nightmare as diapers and diaper creams are usually among the orders that don’t get sent. I also can’t find a mention of this problem anywhere online.


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