Hen House Celebration: Ticket Giveaway (KC-Area People)

Hen House Holiday Celebration

I will try not to do this too often, but this post is really only apropos for my KC-area readers. Sorry everybody else!

Hen House Market is holding its second annual Holiday Celebration next week, November 5th-7th at the Overland Park Convention Center. I didn’t have a chance to go last year, so I was thrilled when Hen House invited me and my husband — and TEN OF OUR FRIENDS(!) — to enjoy the party.

The Celebration is going to feature loads of low-cost cooking demonstrations, free samples (hopefully some kosher!), and live entertainment, including Richard Simmons and one my son’s favorite performers, Mr. Stinky Feet.

Of course, for a bargain shopper like me, the best part about the Hen House celebration is all the free coupons they are giving out! Just bring your Hen House card with you (or sign up for one on the spot) to get it loaded up with $349 in coupons.

Not every coupon will be for a kosher product, but a good number of them will be! (Here’s a list of all the coupons.) And, since they are store coupons, you can better your savings by combining them with a manufacturer coupon. Oh bestill my couponing heart!

Tickets to the event are $5 per person, and children 12 and under get in free. I think the $5 is more than worth the cost of admission, but getting in for free is even better, don’t you think?

I’ve got five pairs of tickets to give away to five of my readers who leave a comment below. Just tell me which KC-area grocery stores you like to shop at and you’ll be entered into the drawing!

Entries will be closed on Monday, November 1st at 11:59 p.m. central time. The winners will be announced on Tuesday, November 2nd. Good luck!


  1. It’s giveaway central here! I hadn’t heard of this party but it sounds fun. That’s so cool that they gave you tickets. I shop just about everywhere – Costco, HyVee, Walmart, Target and Hen House. I don’t go to Price Chopper very often but that’s about it.

  2. Hen House, Aldi, and Costco are my usual haunts…

  3. Costentino’s in Brookside, Costco, Hen House in Fairway

  4. I am a fan of Hen House and HyVee.

  5. I love this blog!!!!!
    I shop at Hen House at 119 Roe and Price Chopper at 95 Mission.
    I love to shop at WholeFoods but do not do regular grocery shopping there!

  6. I shop at Hen House, WalMart grocery store, and Costco.

  7. Our biggest places to shop are Costco (aka the $200 club at our house), HyVee because they are closest to our house, and Whole Foods because they have foods that I sometimes cannot get anywhere else.

    A fun place I like to check out is Constantino’s downtown in the city. I usually go there after a frantic call from home on a Friday alerting me that we are missing some essential ingredient and cannot complete our Sabbath cooking. And because we cook Sephardi and Indian we also dart into Tehran Market (super close to our house!)for Sephardi desserts and the Indian store (near TJ Maxx) for great eggplants. I look forward to TJ’s arrival in town. I shop there on deployment and vacations and schlep it all home.

    I rarely get to Price Chopper or Hen House. Hopefully that will not disqualify us. Hen House is where I go just prior to Passover to get all those non-essential gooey Kosher-for-Pesach desserts you think you cannot live without.

  8. henhouse, hyvee, price chopper, costco, target, and walmart.

  9. mostly target, just because you can get everything in one store.

  10. Hy- vee, hen house and Costco.
    Wal-mart occasionally.

  11. Trader Joes – To be

  12. Hen House mostly in Corinth, Hy Vee, Walmart Neighborhood Market, sometimes Costco and sometimes Aldi if I have cash on me.

  13. What a great website!!! We go to Price Chopper, Costco, and Hen House. I’m sure the longer we are here we’ll discover other great grocery stores.

  14. Living in midtown KC means I shop Marsh’s on Southwest Trafficway, Costentino’s in Brookside, COSCO in midtown, and the new natural food store on Main Street (Much nicer and privately owned). When I am out south, I shop at Price Chopper (103rd), Price Chopper on 75th, COSCO at 95th, and Hen House on Roe.
    Gosh, all I do is shop for groceries! No wonder I can’t lose weight!

  15. Walmart Market, Costco and HyVee

  16. I mostly shop at Hen House, although if I’m in a hurry, I’ll grab basic items at Walmart, since it’s so close to the school (and on my way home).

  17. HyVee, Walmart, Costco, Hen House or anywhere there’s a good sale or where your site says to go Mara!!!

  18. I shop at Hy-Vee, Hen House and Price Chopper. And Target.
    Just found your blog – plant to visit it often – thanks for all the work you do!

  19. I shop mostly at HyVee, but go to Hen House, Walmart and Whole Foods. Price Shopper doesn’t seem to be on my route, but I’ve been told they have good prices.

  20. I shop at College and Quivera mostly, but can’t resist stopping in and buying something from my favorite Kosher butcher Mendel.

  21. I’ve never gone to the Holiday Celebration but it sounds fun! I love to frequent many stores…Hen House, Price Chopper, Walmart, I don’t discriminate.

  22. Lenore Huff says

    We are so blessed to be able to shop at Hen House for our kosher needs. Don’t feel the need to say more. We are just very thankful to have a store that is sensitive to our needs.

    Thank you.

  23. Marcia Schorr says

    I shop at Hen House for most of our Kosher needs although we use the Coop & get some meat from Colorado. We use Hy-Vee a lot because it’s close to home & they have most of what we use & it’s cheaper than Hen House for every day needs. I sometimes go to Price Chopper depending on sales. I’m looking forward to Trader Joe’s coming to our area too. In the Seattle area, they carry Kosher meats as well, although it’s not as much as Hen House here.

  24. Valerie R. says

    I shop at them all, I think, but I really love Hen House.

  25. hy-vee, because they have the best prices, IMO. or target, when i’m there getting other items off my list and don’t want to go to two stores. thx!