Attn Midwest Readers: *Hot* Deals at Hy-Vee (free cream cheese & almost free cereal)

GM cereal hyvee deal

Remember that incredibly, insanely, amazingly good deal on cereal a couple of months ago? The one where I bought box after box of cereal for less than a dime each? Well, it’s baaaaaack, starting tomorrow, Wednesday, October 20th, at Hy-Vee!

My cereal stockpile is still overflowing from that amazing sale, but I’m sure I won’t be able to resist adding a few more boxes. Even if we can’t eat it all, I will be able to donate it to someone who can!

And while you are at Hy-Vee picking up your almost-free cereal, you can also finally use that Kraft $5/5 coupon I told you about a few weeks ago to get free Philadelphia cream cheese.

Here’s a look at these two hot deals, but for all the Hy-Vee match-ups, you should definitely check out my friend Kelly at Kansas City Mamas (she’s the match-up queen for KC).

Buy (6) General Mills Cereals and Get $10 off instantly and then get a $6 Catalina with in-ad coupon

$1/1 Total printable
$.75/1 Wheaties, Smart Source insert 10-10-10
$.75/1 Specialty Cheerios printable (Thanks, Kelly!)
$.65/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch printable
$1/3 Big G cereals printable
$1/3 General Mills cereal, assorted, General Mills Insert 10-3-10
$1/3 General Mills cereal, assorted, GM Insert 9-12-10 (exp. 10-23)
$1/2 Big G cereals printable, includes Chex
$.75/1 GM Total cereals, Smart Source insert 9-19-10
$1/2 Boo Berry, Coco Puffs (etc.), Smart Source Insert 9-19-10

The boxes of cereal last time ranged from $3.49 – $4.29. Even at the most expensive, you would still only be paying around $.87/box! And my guess is you’ll do a lot better than that. Remember: the $6 catalina can be rolled, meaning you can use it to pay for your next purchase of six boxes.

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese ~ $.99 (2-day sale October 21 & 22)
Buy 5 & use the $5/5 Kraft Cheese printable
= 5 for free after sale & coupon!

{KC Mamas says to check at customer service before you try using this coupon. Some stores won’t accept printable coupons with this high of a value.}

See y’all at Hy-Vee!

{If you live outside the KC area, there are over 220 Hy-Vee stores in eight states across the Midwest, according to their website, so there still might be hope that you can get in on these killer deals! Check to see if there’s a store near you here.}


  1. are you supposed to use all of those coupons or just some?

    • The deal is on 6 boxes of cereal, so use any combination of coupons to get to the 6 boxes. Then, since you can “roll” the catalina, you can keep doing this deal over and over with other coupons. Most printable coupons can be printed twice — just push the back or reload button after the coupon initially prints. HTH!

      • ok thanks. I hope hyvee does come to 95th and antioch, that would be convenient!

      • ok, I only have one of the $10 off plus $6 catalina coupon, so I can’t really do it more than once, right?

        • No, they can be used over and over again. Last time, the cashiers actually had them right there, you didn’t even need to bring them. Because they are store “coupons” inside every single circular, your supply is limitless. The $6 catalina they hand you when you finish your first deal. Then you hand that back to them when you do the deal again… and you get another one from them = rolling. Make sense?

          • I thought I’d have to go to the end of the line…cashier might not like me to do it more than one time! do they have self check out? 🙂

  2. Leigh Ann (the Frugal Ima) says

    Thanks, lady! Heaading out to work this deal now. Will let you know if they take the $5 coupon.

    • Leigh Ann (the Frugal Ima) says

      Okay, they took the $5 coupon (and a manager checked me out!). Along with the rest of the odds and ends I needed for Shabbos, I got 7 boxes of cereal for $6 and 10 bricks of free cream cheese. I also got $.99 flour, $1.88 sugar, and $5.99 coffee (huge can!) with some more in-ad coupons. Good week at Hy-Vee. 🙂

  3. Hey I got my cereal for .34 a box!!!! Plus I got a few other items on sale with coupons (duracell C batteries for .84) and a few others! Oh coupon shopping is fun. Although I felt bad for the cashier I had 7 coupons plus the Catalina and stiff. She was new. very friendly though.

  4. Great job Dassie & Leigh Ann. The sale’s on ’til next Tuesday, so plenty of time to go back for more practically free cereal! Glad you’re having fun and feeding your families for less.

  5. That was fun!! Thanks Mara… 🙂

  6. This is becoming addictive. I saved $25+ dollars tonight and only had to pay $21. I thought that was good for me as I was buying some specialtiy items like Marscarpone cheese and heavy whipping cream to make tiramisu. If anyone ever sees a deal on Marscarpone please let me know! It is cheaper in Waldo, but the cost of driving there is not worth it. So tonight I got my FREE ibuprofen from the post a week or two ago and my FREE cream cheese for the next cheese cake, and my MUCH REDUCED cereals. I got the high end foo-foo cereals so did not get them as cheaply as everyone else, but did save $16 on cereal so thought that was excellent.

    Thanks Mara….I used to be a very competive athlete. This coupon shopping almost replaces the fact I hve bad knees and cannot run like I used to. Tomorrow I will head out (pre-Shabbat) to get one more round of cream cheese and maybe more cereal.

  7. Is everyone successful using the $6 catalina to purchase the cereals? My mom was told (by the cashier?) that you can’t roll it and get another catalina; you have to use it to purchase something else.

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